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The 2014 Maui Film Festival


The Maui Film Festival in Wailea, Hawaii.Photo Credit: Maui Film Festival

Film is a beautiful opportunity to learn, to express, to empathize and to progress as a people, especially film done well. Back in my college days Film Studies was part of my degree and I absolutely loved every minute in class! What could be better than watching different movies from diverse genre, spanning across many decades? To top it off my professor was one of those people who could aptly tie history to film to science to politics to religion, effortlessly. While I’m no longer receiving a grade for my study of film, I do still enjoy a broad range of movies and feel blessed to live on Maui where other movie buffs can gather together each year to revel in cinema, food, music and community.


My hubby and I at the 2013 Maui Film Festival.

The 2014 Maui Film Festival is set to happen June 4-8, 2014. Below are the venues available for the festival, and if you’re on island, I highly recommend you check them out:

  • Celestial Cinema: Wailea Gold & Emerald Golf Course, Wailea, Hawaii.
  • Seaside Cinema, Music Cafe & Sunset Lounge: Grand Wailea, Wailea, Hawaii.
  • Maui Arts and Cultural Center: Castle Theater & McCoy Theater, Kahului, Hawaii.
  • Toes-in-the-Sand Cinema: Wailea Beach, Wailea, Hawaii.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting during the festival or a long-time resident, I encourage you to make attending a priority!

Why you need to go to the Maui Film Festival:

1. An awesome, diverse selection of films. My personal favorites are the surf movies at Celestial Cinema. There’s nothing more amazing than sitting under a blanket of stars on this beautiful Hawaiian island, gathered with other ocean lovers, enjoying surf cinema together.

The Maui Film Festival in Wailea, Hawaii.Photo Credit: Randy Jay Braun

2. Unique, elegant events. I remember my first summer on Maui and all of the ladies in my neighborhood excitedly talking about finally getting to dress up for an event…The Taste of Wailea! Of course, for chocolate lovers there’s The Taste of Chocolate, too!

Taste of Chocolate 1Photo Credit: Randy Jay Braun

3. Movie stars. Yup, our small island boasts our fair share of celebs, and the Maui Film Festival brings in a few more, as they honor several each year with various awards. This year’s award tributes go to the following people: Shep Gordon, Emma Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Manganiello and Lupita Nyong’o. There are even various Filmmakers Panels, where you get to hear directly from the filmmakers, which is like a dream come true for a gal like me!

How to score a deal on Maui Film Festival tickets:

One word: Volunteer.
I absolutely love volunteering at the Maui Film Festival! Keith Ranney is the festival’s Volunteer Manager and does an excellent job of training, encouraging and bringing lots of aloha to the volunteers and community. If you can spare a few hours of your time, you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts. According to the festival website, “each four-hour volunteer shift entitles you to three movie vouchers good at this year’s festival. An evening at the Celestial Cinema in Wailea requires two vouchers per person, so if you work two shifts, you will have earned an evening at the Celestial Cinema for you and two friends (or 3 nights just for you).” You’ll also get a cool festival t-shirt!

The volunteers create a lei of aloha through their service, attitude & availability to patrons’ needs.
-Keith Ranney, Volunteer Manager

The festival still needs about 200 volunteer shifts to be filled.  The most needed area is 9pm to 1am at the Celestial Cinema. Visit the Maui Film Festival Volunteer page to sign up for your shift and score a deal, i.e. FREE FILM TICKETS!!!

Note: Keiki (12 and under) are admitted FREE to Celestial Cinema at the Wailea Gold & Emerald Golf Course on Wednesday, June 4 (Goddess) and Thursday, June 5 (Thundercloud and H2MexicO)!

How to glam it up at the Maui Film Festival:

Taste of Wailea-Randy-Jay-BraunPhoto Credit: Randy Jay Braun

As mentioned before, there are several specialty events in conjunction with the festival. There are also V.I.P. Passes available, so if that’s more of a fit for you, you are certain to enjoy the glamorous offerings the festival provides.

I want people to leave the cinema feeling that something’s been confirmed for them about life.

-Danny Boyle


Other cool deets about the Maui Film Festival:

There’s often hula, live music, and wonderful food vendors!

It’s an eco-friendly event!

I will be there!!!

For more information about the Maui Film Festival, including film passes, showings, times, locations and more, please visit Maui Film Festival. If you’re into the social media scene, be sure to use hashtag #MauiFilm for all of your tweets and instagram pics. I hope to see you there…if not this year, then save the date for next year! And hopefully, just as Danny Boyle said, you will leave the cinema feeling that something’s been confirmed for you about life.

Livin’ la vida aloha,
Jennifer Poppy


About Jennifer Poppy

Jennifer Poppy is livin’ la vida aloha on Maui, Hawaii. Have you ever held a dream in your heart? One of Jennifer’s came true when she and her family sold their home, their car & their stuff to move to Hawaii! She says this lifelong dream, turned ongoing adventure has been worth it all. She is a freelance writer, public speaker and creative soul. You’ll find her beautiful photography, upcycled furniture projects and stories of island adventures at Island Gypsy Hawaii




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Wailea Restaurant Week – May 25-31, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.46.18 PM

Photo from www.wailearesortassociation.com

Thinking of where to eat for a special dinner? Have you heard about the “Wailea Restaurant Week?”

This week  Wailea Restaurants are joining together to help end hunger on Maui by supporting the Maui Food Bank with an event called Wailea Restaurant Week. This community supported event showcases all the amazing cuisine that Wailea chefs have to offer at extremely reasonable prices. Prix fixe 3 or more course dinners are set at $29, $39 and $49 options. 

Some of the agents in our Wailea Realty office frequent Duo and Spago located at the Four Seasons and rave about the food so they are definitely on my list to experience. I know I better make early reservations for these heavy weights.

Recently I had the pleasurable opportunity to eat twice at the New Matteo’s located at the Wailea Town Center and was delighted with their Fish Sandwich,their tasteful and  inventively seasoned pasta dishes with a side of mixed green salad , we all know their pizza is undeniably delicious.

Matteo Front Pic

Longhi’s has been a long time favorite of mine with their amazing lobster salad priced at just $19 and they are on the list for this special event. 

photo 1
Also next door is Tommy Bahamas  which we all frequent, in our office, for their great value  happy hour that goes from 2-5pm. Not only convenient but great food and drink specials delivered with a smile from their friendly waitstaff. 
photo (5)
This event started on Sunday May 25th at 5pm and continues until the May 31st.
Please support these wonderful restaurants to help Maui community efforts to end hunger and get yourself an incredible meal at the same time. 

23 Wailea Resort restaurants are participating:

Alan Wong’s Amasia (Grand Wailea) (808) 891-3954
Capische?* (Hotel Wailea)
(808) 879-2224
DUO Steak and Seafood* (Four Seasons)
(808) 874-8000
 Fabiani’s Wailea (Wailea Gateway Center)
(808) 874-1234
Gannon’s* (Wailea Gold & Emerald Course)
(808) 875-8080
Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Grand Wailea)
(800) 888-6100
Joe’s in Wailea* (Wailea Tennis Club)
(808) 875-7767
Ka’ana Kitchen (Andaz Maui at Wailea)
(808) 573-1234
KAI Wailea* (The Shops at Wailea)
(808) 875-1955
Kō* (Fairmont Kea Lani)
(808) 875-2210
Longhi’s* (The Shops at Wailea)
(808) 891-8883
Mala Wailea* (Wailea Marriott)
(808) 875-9394
Manoli’s Pizza Company (Wailea Blue Course) (808) 874-7499
Matteo’s Osteria (Wailea Town Center) (808) 891-8466
Migrant Maui (Wailea Marriott)
(808) 875-9394
Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman* (Wailea Gateway Center)
(808) 891-2322
Morimoto Maui (Andaz)
(808) 573-1234
Mulligan’s on the Blue* (Wailea Blue Course)
(808) 874-1131
Nick’s Fishmarket Maui* (Fairmont Kea Lani)
(808) 879-7224
Pita Paradise Bistro Wailea (Wailea Gateway Center)
(808) 879-7177
Ruth’s Chris Steak House* (The Shops at Wailea)
(808) 874-8880
Spago* (Four Seasons) (808) 879-2999
Tommy Bahamas* (The Shops at Wailea) (808) 875-9983
Menus are listed here:
Join the buzz of good food and good feelings as we will eat and feel merry together. Mahalo.
Reggie Audant is a Realtor Broker with Wailea Realty Corporation. With 26 years on Maui and 14 of these years as a successful Realtor, Reggie has helped hundreds of satisfied clients buy and sell their properties on Maui by using his intimate knowledge of the local Real Estate Market.    Visit his website at http://www.mauirealestate1.com
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Cloudy Days Aren’t So Gloomy On Maui




This post is a participant on Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes For Moms


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Divalicious Spalicous Divas Night Out At The Grand Wailea on Maui

I have heard many people say that the spa at the Grand Wailea is one of the best in the whole world.  I have also heard from lady friends that the Divalicious Spacilious Event was sooo much fun. Although I believe them, I never really knew how much fun it really was until my daughter and I went to it last night.  I am telling you …. It was SO MUCH FUN.  If you have not done it before, I suggest you do.  Whether you go with your friends, or your daughters, I am sure you will have an enjoyable, relaxing and fun night.

There is so much to tell about our experience last night.  I would just have to pick some of the highlights of the evening.  But before I continue talking story about our night out, let me share first what this “Divas Night Out” is.  For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it is a program in the Grand Wailea that started in January 2011. Because it was a big hit to the Maui residents and visitors, Grand Wailea decided to make it a regularly scheduled event, happening on the last Friday of every month.  Details of this program can be found HERE.

Back to our story,  Hapa Girl and I’s first stop was the Botero Bar.  Since Hapa Girl is just 12, we didn’t actually sit on the “bar”, but on the seating in lounge next to the “mermaid” at the grand.  It was a perfect seat for the two of us.  The SkinnyTini drink I had, Creamsicle, was delightful. It was actually very hard to choose a drink because all of the SkinnyTinni drinks sound so good. I should have tried all. My daughter had a milkshake. The quesadilla we had … oh it’s sooo delicious! No wonder the first part of the event is called “divalicious”! My mouth is watering now as I type thinking about those quesadillas. And the entertainment?  Alika was jammin’ and ladies were dancin’! Great entertainment for the night – a combination of soothing slow music and rockin’ dancing jam sessions – a perfect party mix.

This photo above is courtesy of the Grand Wailea Spa; These multi-colored water turned to chocolate flavoured spa during the Spalicious Event

At 7:50 o’clock, we left the Botero Bar and headed to the Spa.  When we arrived there, the spa lobby was already filled with lots of women – women of all ages!  The Spalicous costs $60 to get in and $30 for girls age 6 to 12.  In my opinion, this is a great “Mother’s Day” gift. Mother’s Day is coming, and if you are thinking of a gift to give to your moms and lady friends here on Maui, I highly recommend buying them a spot for this Spalicious Event.  You may call  808-875-1234 ext. 4949 to reserve.

Photo from @grandwailea twitpic

Most seats were already taken and they are ready for the fashion show that’s part of this whole spalicious event.  The fashion show was nice, but what made it better was the enthusiastic, cheerful crowd watching it.  I felt so much excitement in the air, it was invigorating. I guess we are all there to enjoy the night.

After the fashion show, we were assigned our lockers and weeeee spalicious galore begins!

So did we dip ourselves in sticky hot chocolates? Not quite.  It wasn’t the sticky chocolate frosting kind, but better.  They had warm pool flavored with different chocolate concoction. It was so heavenly to dip in. My daughter and I’s favorite is the “White Chocolate” pool.  We probably stayed there longer than any other pools in the spa.

There were so many spa treatments to choose. There is variety of pools, tubs, showers, steam and sauna to enjoy.  Even though there were a lot of ladies, it still did not feel crowded at all.

I see this post is already long and I have not even talked in detail about the spa.  Did I mention that there are a lot of chocolates to indulge in there too?  You’ll see some of them on the video slideshow I prepared.  My favorite was the white chocolate ball.  Yes, I am a white chocolate fan. In fact, I really enjoyed rubbing myself with a white chocolate cream while inside steam sauna.  Oh it was quite an experience being with a bunch of ladies inside a steamy hot room, and all of us covered with white chocolate! Imagine that :)

Another treatment I enjoyed is the coconut chocolate rub.  We sat on this stool and rub ourselves with exfoliating mixture.  It was totally relaxing and at the same time it made our skin smooth and soft. I also liked the strong shower that massaged my shoulder.  There’s a term for that shower and I can’t remember it right now. I just asked my daughter what were the features she enjoyed and she mentioned the same ones I talked about especially the steam bath with while chocolate. That night was a precious “mother-daughter” time. Nice to be relaxing and chatting with my daughter there.

So I think you get the idea of what a pleasure it was to do this “diva night” at the Grand Wailea.  I can go on and on talking about this, but I think I would stop here. You ought to try it.  If you are thinking of going to the next Diva Night and have some questions, let me know by writing your question in the comment section of this blog, and I will make sure I give you an answer.

And now, for the fun video, a great mother and daughter night!

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