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Majestic Haleakala by Andrew Shoemaker

Haleakala Mountain Maui

“Rise of Kilo”

I captured this moment at sunset on top of Haleakala as tropical storm Kilo was making it’s presence known to us here in the islands. We experienced flooding, and lot of thunder and lightning which I personally enjoy and it was very special to observe a storm happening around you and below you while you’re at 10,000 feet above the clouds :)  This moment was the calm before the storm and before you ask, yes the clouds are purple here! There is no color added to this image. I hope you enjoy …

Into The Crater

“Into the Crater”

A glimpse down into the crater of Haleakala at sunset this past weekend. We got very intense colors from the sky and with all of the storms below the clouds, I was the only one here photographing this for quite some time. I’m sure I’ll never again have Haleakala all to myself!



Upon arrival at Haleakala’s crater, I found this scene unfolding before my eyes. I was the only person there due to the storms happening below, and it’s as if Haleakala decided to reveal itself just to be photographed. Very surreal feeling having this scene to yourself! Much Aloha.

Haleakala Maui 4

“New Heights”

I captured this scene while soaring above the majestic Haleakala Crater in a helicopter here on Maui. It was very interesting seeing the crater from this perspective as you’re usually looking up at it or standing at it’s edge to view sunrise. Maui from the air was absolutely spectacular!


Mahalo Andrew Shoemaker for allowing me to showcase your Haleakala Photos here on A Maui Blog.  Haleakala is one of my most favorite places here on Maui, and you have captured some of it’s majesty.

To see more of Andrew’s work (and purchase a piece of art you like), visit Andrew Shoemaker Photography Website.


Jacaranda Trees, UpCountry Maui

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 4

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 3

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 9

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 12

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 13

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 14

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 19

I had been wanting to go Upcountry to see these lovely purple trees in person. As of this posting, I still haven’t. Life on paradise can be so busy sometimes.  Thankfully, Darren was able to do it. When I saw his photos on his Facebook Page I asked his permission to re-post them here on A Maui Blog. All photos are credited to Darren McDaniel. He took a lot of beautiful shots! Hopefully I can go Upcountry before the end of Jacaranda season. In the meantime, sharing Darren’s post and photos for us to enjoy:

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 6

The Maui Darren’s First Post:

Fortunate to spend some time over the weekend on the north shore of Maui and upcountry; taking full advantage of Jacaranda season and the amazing blooms along the upper Kula Highway and into Ulupalukua. It is speculated that the trees likely originated from Portugese Ranchers working upcountry during the mid 1900’s, as the trees originated in Brazil, however the state did proactively plant trees along the upcountry highway’s in the later 1950’s. Certainly worth a day trip upcountry if you’re fortunate to be here during the season!

Darren’s Follow-up Post – The Back Story – Love This!

1.) Darren goes upcountry and takes picture
2.) Couple sees Darren and pulls over, takes pictures, cordial ‘hello’s’ ensue.
3.) Waves occur at second crossing at Winery
4.) Darren searches the hashtag ‪#‎D810‬ several days later…and surprisingly comes across a great picture of upcountry Maui:
5.) Darren likes photo and of course comments on it
6.) Photo turns out to be from Hubert, of the couple that pulled over and took pictures!
7.) Darren and Hubert now hooking up in a few weeks when he returns from Kauai to shoot the blooming lavender farm.

I know there’s good reason we spend a lot of time focused on the marketing, changes, and possibilities of social media; however thought I’d share this fun little story as a great reminder of the real joy of social media… as a means to enriching our real lives! 

Follow Darren McDaniel at THE MAUI DARREN on Facebook (don’t forget to like his page).

Want to see these beautiful photos bigger with higher resolutions?  Click here and click each photos in there :)UPCOUNTRY MAUI JACARANDA TREES

Jacaranda Tree Upcountry Maui 2


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