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Blog Action Day 2011: FOOD

I was having a hard time getting into the groove of writing a post tonight.  This happens when I missed blogging the events and happenings I wanted to blog about (due to lack of time).  I kind of get overwhelmed. Part of me wants to catch up and still blog about it, and part of me says just let it go and move forward.

So what finally motivated me to move forward and write this post?  It’s the #BAD11.  It means “Blog Action Day 2011“.  I registered tonight.  I am officially in and all I have to do is to blog on October 16, 2011 about FOOD.  Yes, FOOOD!  I already have a great idea of what I am going to blog about.  Maui related of course! Blog Action Day is a powerful blog event online.  It started in 2007 and I participated on the first one. I am excited to participate again this year.  If you’re interested to find out more about it, go to the Blog Action day official website.

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Maui Fair 2011 – Live Tweet? Might as well Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Posterous It too :)

Thinking of live tweeting from Maui Fair this weekend.  I love Maui Fairs like what I shared at Maui Family Magazine.  While live tweeting at the Maui Fair, I will use the hashtag #MauiFair. Who’s joining me?  It’s tweet on your own – no tweet-up. Just make sure you use the hashtag #MauiFair when you tweet or FB from there.

Who’s in?  Mahalo for joining me in supporting Maui Fair.  These are all Kokua. (Updated 9/29/11  added Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Posterous on the Title)

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Dear Tourists on Maui

Aloha! Just a few thoughts and tips I’d like to share with you. You probably won’t find some of these candid tips in other tour magazines, so here it goes:

1. Be polite on the road. Pull over to the side when needed. – Many locals get irritated when a tourist car drives slowly on the road because they are trying to figure out where they are going. It really is annoying to see a tourist driving with map in from of him. If you’re lost or not sure where you are going, pull over to the side.

On the road to Hana, pull over to the side and let the local pass you when you are driving slow on those curvy roads. We know the scenery is beautiful, but the locals need to drive that road to go to work and we don’t need to get stuck behind a tourist car driving slow. This is a pet peeve of my husband when we are going to Keanae. Some tourists just don’t get the clue that when they look behind him and there are about 2 to 3 cars trailing behind, find a spot to pull over and let them pass…

2. Be generous with your tips. A lot of the locals working in the service industries don’t get paid much. Your generous tips will be highly appreciated. Don’t be stingy – you’re on vacation.  Give good tips and watch them smile – and the kindness will go back to you a hundredfold.

3. Watch out for bikers. Believe me, there were a lot of bikers (bicycles and motorcycles) who were accidentality hit by tourists, some of them died. Tourist, don’t drink and drive; and watch out for those bikers on the road!

4. Don’t litter. Pick up your rubbish. Watch your kids, make sure they don’t ruin our “aina” but throwing their rubbish on the street. Those of you who smoke, please don’t just throw your cigarette butts around. Once in a while you’ll see some huge orange trash bags on the side of the road filled up and bundled. Those are trash picked up by volunteers who desire to keep Maui clean. Tourists, please do your part in keeping Maui clean.

5. Sun block. The sun is hot and it will give you sun burn. Use sun block all the time (especially wiht your kids). I repeat, use sun block. We know that many of you would like to have that nice tan while on vacation, but it’s not worth being sun burned.  A moderate gradual tanning will occur even if you wear a sunblock – it’s better safe than sorry.

Note from the blogger:   This was originally posted in 2007 when my readers were few.  I thought it is a good time to re-post this while I am still trying to get my act together in re-building this site.

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The Lavender Farm Summer Festival


Photo by Peter Liu ( @Peterliu47 )

Ali`i Kula Lavender building stronger communities through their Sustainable Aloha Summer Fest!

Kula, Maui -  Ali`i Kula Lavender (AKL) will hold its first Sustainable Aloha Summer Fest, a day of activities in sustainability, education and culture, to be held on July 9th, Saturday from 9a to 2pm at the Lavender Farm in Kula.

There will be a showcase of Hawaii’s most talented entertainers headlining this event, with Hawaii’s Song Bird Emma Veary,  soulful vocalist Paula Fuga, Grammy Award winner, George Kahumoku and Song Legend, Brother Noland.  There will also be a performance by halau, Wehiwehi o Leilehua directed by Kumu Hula,  Gordean Bailey and a spirited performance by Isle of Maui Pipe Band.

A range of interactive activities to educate while encouraging more sustainable living will be offered.  Slow Foods Maui will share how to bake using locally sourced ingredients, Maui Electric will have energy saving tips, Maui Humane Society will raise our awareness on taking care of our pets during a disaster, Community Work Day will demonstrate how easy and creative it is to recycle our trash with their rendition of the “Art of Trash, “and finally AKl will offer “build your own terrarium” that will have a contained eco-system that waters itself.  Fun, easy and a beautiful take home gift!

Noho`ana farms in Waikapu, will offer their knowledge of how to pound your own poi.  Maui Cultural Lands will also be on hand to share creative ways to restore nature while creating balance in our everyday lives with useful items, such as bookmarks made from native plants and seeds.

Is it time to replace some of those water thirsty plants with drought loving lavender? The Lavender Farm will have its first plant sale of various lavender varieties grown on the farm, along with colorful succulents and other plants.  Pots & plants will all be on sale for 20% off.  Garden enthusiasts are encouraged to go early for best selection.

Nothing tastes better than eating local favorites in the great outdoors. Favorites such as spam musubi’s , Kalua pork,, Teri chicken and Stir fry vegetable bentos and hot dogs , fresh fruit smoothies, delicious lavender lemon tarts, onolicious kettlecorn, cotton candy, refreshing shave ice and ice cold beverages all day long.

Sustainable Aloha is a grassroots movement of socially and culturally responsible people who choose to take action (big & small) to sustain and nurture themselves, their family, their community and the planet, through act of Aloha.  AKL’s movement is driven by a deep belief that Aloha connects all living things and when acting within its value center, the result is a sustainable and beneficial way of life that creates possibilities and opportunities for everyone.  Ali`i Kula Lavender believes that Sustainable Aloha is a lifestyle that builds stronger communities through collaboration and cultural values.  The entire days activities will be dedicated to Alii Chang, founder, farmer, and visionary who passed on April 13, 2011.  This celebration will be a tribute to his legacy.

Admission will be $3 per person with children 5 years and younger at no charge.  Directions to the farm can be found at  www.aklmaui.com or by calling 808-878-3004.


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