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Maui Tweetup December 2009

Maui Tweetup at A Maui Blog

From left to right: ) @amauiblog @raatz @jamarilyn @tylergillies @heathergillies @jalove

Maui Tweetup Dec 2009

From left to right: @tylergillies @heathergillies @raatz @jalove (kneeling) @amauiblog @jamarilyn @TikiTales @AlohaKathy @Peterliu47

Geeky Tweet Station

Hello, I’m Mac; Hello I’m PC – this is the Geek Corner of the MauiTweet-up

Tommy Russo

@TommyRusso missed the group shot so he gets the solo pic :)

A Maui Blog - Liza

@amauiblog in her kitchen :)


Captions and talk stories to follow. I just want to upload these now so we can share these photos with our bloggy friends at Weekly Winners. The Weekly Winner meme is hosted by Lotus at Sarcastic Mom Blog. Go there and click the links of the participants. Seriously, there are some very very talented photographers participating on that meme. You’re in for a treat!

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Maui Tweet Up – Success!

Get Some

Don’t be fooled by the seriousness in our faces on the photo above – this MauiTweetUp was actually fun! Just look at @DJSmook shirt – Get some! Hmm, “get some what”? For Maui Tweet Up – it’s getting something more than a 140 character tweet! It’s getting to know Twitterfriends in real life (IRL) so that they not only remain digital friends but become real friends as well.

In most of our previous tweetups, we just casually chat, but yesterday I decided to try something new. We gathered together and gave a chance for everyone to introduce themselves to the group. A very interesting group of Twitters indeed! This is a bunch of people you would want to meet and hang around with – I kid you not! If you are on twitter, searched #MauiTweetup and you’ll see all the photos taken and the encouraging “nice meeting you” tweets everyone there are sharing.

I still have a lot to share about the benefits of attending a tweet-up but I have to get ready for work right now. I will try to post more later. In the meantime, here’s the list of the twitter handle of tweeps who were there. If you are on twitter, make sure to follow them! :


List in random order: @lamourwedding @twmedianet @MauiHawaiiInfo @webnelly / @mauibyphoto and lovely wife Cindy @ucsmiles @@fashinator1985 (her account is private but if you  may try sending sending request to follow if you’re not a spammer) @hawaiianobrien @jamarilyn @jalove @peterliu47 @raatz @djsmook @tikitales @blackwatchjr and @yukilei (yukilei is new, she has that account but hasn’t tweeted yet. It was nice having her there.)

Marilyn ( @jamarilyn ) wrote a nice post about the Mauitweetup. Click here to go there.

I have a feeling that next tweetup is even gonna be even bigger and better. Maybe we’d do a potluck! For now, see us all at Twiterville. Aloha!

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Maui Sunset Tweet-up at Kam III


YOUR ARE ALL INVITED: Maui Twitterers, Tweeters and Tweoples – whatever you call yourselves; You are all invited to come and attend our Maui Sunset Tweet-up at Kamaole Beach III Park on the south with the grassy area overlooking the ocean at 5:30PM  Wednesday, August 19, 2009. Remember to bring a beach chair or a towel to sit on.

YES, IT CHANGED FROM THE POLO BEACH TO KAM III: I must have been on “running high” when I decided on Saturday morning that we should meet at Polo Beach in front of Four Seasons on Maui. But who wouldn’t be mesmerized of it’s beauty? See my photos there that morning and agree that it would be nice to have a tweet-up there. The problem is, when I went there this afternoon to scope out the place and take photos for the invite, I realized that the beach fronting the Four Seasons is farther from the parking lot that I originally thought t was. I told you I was high on running! It was foolish of me to expect that everyone would want to walk from that parking lot to FSMaui Beach shore (even with the nice walkway and view, it’s still not practical). And so I went to Plan B – the easier to access but equally beautiful beach, and that’s Kam III.


AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO ATTEND A TWEET-UP? Because Tweet-up bonds the connection created through twittering online. Let me share with you about my experience. The first Tweetup I attended was actually the very first one on Maui, when @Jowyang came here. Six of us showed up including @Jowyang and his lovely wife. And that my friends ignited the growth on my Twitter involvement which resulted in the rapid growth of my followers…. (see @jowyang’s blog post here which mentioned me and the first Maui Tweet-up) But more than the growth of followers, what’s really important are the friendships formed and being formed. By the way, this tweetup I am organizing is for us to meet @aewang, a twitterfriend I truly enjoy conversing with at twitter – we often have lots of LOL’s!. After this we can truly say we are friends IRL too.

MORE LATER. Okay, I am getting a little carried away here. This is supposed to be an invitation to attend the tweet-up, not a talk story about my Twitter adventures. That will come later. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to show photos of the first few #MauiTweetups. I truly believe we are in the verge of explosion and this #MauiTweetup is about to grow BIG! One day, we will look back at these photos and will say “aawwww, look at us back when we were small..”. Before I get carried away again, here are the Tweetup photos I am talking about. Can you recognize who they are?



Hmm… I need to find the one taken by @raatz of us and Megan Finley and also resize the other Maui Tweet-up photos taken by @PeterLiu47 before I can add them here, but I am sleepy now. Will update tomorrow…

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First Maui Tweet-Up

I am very excited about our first Maui Tweet-up! We’ve been twitting about doing a Maui tweet-up for some time now (because we always see how fun those Oahu twitters are having on their tweet-ups) but it was mostly just talk because none of us really was organizing to make it happen (oh, Mauians are so laid back aren’t we?) But when @NEENZ e-mailed me saying that @jowyang is coming to Maui I thought we should just do it – tweet-up so we can show our aloha! And so the first Maui Tweet-up is coming. It’s almost here. Tomorrow – Sunday at 12 noon at Stella Blues in Kihei.

Here’s the count so far: Coming: @amauiblog – 1 @jowyang – 2  @raatz – 1 @jalove – 1  Really want to come – will try to make it: @jsigwat and @symbolman + 4 yr old child @MauiPixie (if daughter feels better) @tylergillies – will catch up (has work) @DJSMook – will try

My blog is in the midst of transition (transfer of hosting) so I do not know if this will be up or my service might be interrupted for a little while. My lap top is running at a turtle speed I know something is wrong. Time for a new MacBook I’d say ;)

So…I am logging off for now. Leave a comment or e-mail me (lizamaui (at) yahoo (dot) com if you have any questions.

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