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Maui Sunset Afterglow in Keanae Peninsula

Keanae Maui Sunset 1

We spent out Independence Day Holiday Weekend at Keanae, Maui. We are fortunate (blessed) to have great friends (our hanai family, our ohana)  who owns a property in Keanae.  I call Keanae Peninsula a mini paradise on earth.

Keanae Maui Sunset 2

On the afternoon / evening of July fourth, we were hanging out outside, chatting … and then we noticed how beautiful the sky is turning after the Maui Sun set. At first it was just pastel colors of pinkish, orange, yellowish, with a touch of greenish blueish splattered around …

Keanae Maui Sunset 3

And then it kept on transforming, creating a magnificent painting on the sky. The photos here will speak for itself. These were taken from my iPhone. No filters were used. No photoshop was done.  And yes some are a little blurry and out of focus. But these photos will give you an idea of the color transformation that happened.

Keanae Maui Sunset 4

At the end of this post, there is a embedded video that you can watch.   I still can’t get over how beautiful it was.   More photos below. Enjoy …

Keanae Maui Sunset 5


Keanae Maui Sunset 6


Keanae Maui Sunset 7


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Voggy Maui Sunsets

via @Peterliu47

via @AlohaKathy

via @Peterliu47

via Charlie Keller

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Maui Sunsets

Photo by Dan Weisman - ImprovComedyCoach.com

Photo by David Gibbs of  Fallingrock Photography

Photo by Dawn Mains taken at the Cove

Photo by  Reis Shimabukuro (taken the day before the Whale Day)

*All these Maui Sunset (except for the last one) were taken on Feb 18, 2012, the Whale Day Festival

*This is a Wordless Wednesday post entry on 5 Minutes for Moms 

(ok, there are a few words in here, I know … :)

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Maui Sunset View From Our Window

The Maui Sunset photos below were all taken last week, on different days but same location – our kitchen/dining room window.  It’s such a blessing to be able to look outside while cooking or eating dinner and see such a marvelous view. I should always be thankful …





What is it about sunsets that makes us so calm. and peaceful, and stress free, even for just a moment? What do you think it is? …

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