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For The Love of Maui 5K Fun Run 2015

For The Love of Maui 5K

In my post yesterday I mentioned that I am going to run the “For The Love Of Maui 5K Fun Run“. Well, I am embarrassed to say that I  got distracted at home, went to the race late, and therefore was able to participate in the run.  My husband said that the reason I was late was that I was facebooking too much. ha!  My excuse was I was doing house chores and didn’t notice the time.  Anyway, it could be subliminal – I knew I am not in a good shape to run a 5K and so I was probably unconsciously allowing myself to be late.  Not intentional, but subconsciously ;)

The event was very successful. I stayed to take photos.  Participants came from all over the state, and from all ages!  I will be posting some photos here but there are more on Wailea Realty Facebook Page (I know, my husband is probably right that I Facebook too much! :) )

Mahalo to the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and participants of “For The Love of Maui 5K Fun Run”. I love that it benefits the “Hospice Maui” and the “Youth Programs of the Valley Isle Road Runners”.  Truly, this is a fun run for a great cause. I am planning to run next year (no kidding, I really am :) ) – Who wants to run with me?

Here are some random photos, but like what I said – to see more, go to Wailea Realty Facebook Page.  I uploaded 200 plus photos in there.

For The Love of Maui - Aninsleys Angles 2

For The Love of Maui 5K -

For the Love of Maui 5K - 1

For The Love of Maui 5K - 2

For The Love of Maui 5k - Ainsley's Angels

For The Love of Maui Holding Hand

For The Love of Maui

For The Love of Maui

South Maluaka Beach

If I have more time I will be adding captions to the photos and will be writing a lot more about this great event. But for now I really have to run (pun intented). Yep, got to get out there and run so next year I will be ready for this 5K :)

Have a wonderful day! Aloha!

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The Merry Month Of May On Maui

Can you believe it’s already May and we are almost in the middle of year 2012?  Sometimes I can’t.  I can’t believe that next month I’d be turning 46. FORTY SIX!  Let’s change the subject, shall we?

This month of May is packed with many wonderful events on Maui. It is such as merry month, starting with Lei Day on the first of May.  Many schools are celebrating by having a Hoolaulea.  I still remember when my kids were at Kamalii School, I always loved going to their Hoolaulea.

I was planning to do a round up of events on this post that is why I titled it “The Merry Month of May”.  However,  as I was writing the draft, it seems so boring I decided to change it.  Instead of a round up, I will just post about each of them as it comes near (time permitting).  I think posting about the events one at a time is better than me doing the round up. Round ups can get overwhelming. For those of you who like to plan ahead, I will also post about the events ahead of time on A Maui Blog Facebook Page.

OK, this post is just a quickie but I already have other posts in line for the week.  Planning to upload a post at least 3 times a week for the month of May – does that sound good to you?

One last quickie reminder, Mother’s Day is next week – have you already planned a wonderful day for you mom? If not, better start planning! She deserves a special day, you know :)

Aloha Oi!

Photo: taken by me yesterday  at Changs Beach in Makena.


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My Favorite Beaches on Maui by @DJSmook (Prt 2)

So the blog story continues.  Hope you enjoyed the post on my favorite beaches in Central Maui.  Ever since I moved back to Kihei, I’ve always been wowed at the beautiful beaches she has to share with us.  Below are a brief synopsis on my favorite South Maui beaches.

Makena State Park (Big Beach) is one of Maui’s Premier beach parks in South Maui.  It’s a massive mile long beach park where locals and visitors can go to swim, surf, snorkel, and scuba dive.  This beach has lifeguards on post and are regularly patrolled by the Maui County Police Department’s ATV patrolmen.  This beach is one of my all time favorite beaches to go to.  There are lifeguards but they leave at or around 1700 hours (5PM) so use caution when swimming after that time.  Wave activity at this beach can change without notice.  If in doubt about conditions, please talk with either a lifeguard or the police officers.  A con of this beach is there are no showers or restrooms though.  My personal tip for you is to bring some extra large towels and water jugs so you can rinse yourself off and dry off before driving out.

 Kamaole Beach Parks I, II, and III are awesome beach parks to go to.  All are kid friendly and have full restrooms and showers available for use.  You can catch some waves on surf boards or body boards.  You can also snorkel and scuba dive there also.  Watch for Warning Flags and Signage posted.  All beaches have grills and picnic tables to use and have water spigots to clean the grills and kitchen equipment you happen to bring to the beach park.  All of these beaches have life guard stands and are regularly patrolled by the County Park Rangers and Police ATV Patrols.  When in doubt on weather and water conditions, ALWAYS feel free to ask the lifeguards on duty on what conditions are like.  After 1700 hours (5PM) there are no lifeguards on post so use caution if swimming past that time.  All in all the Kamaole Beaches are all wonderful places to go.

*  To be continued. Next post of Jake is about tips on the beach. Then also I will post about my favorite South Maui beaches since I live on this side of the island too and we have plenty to choose from.  Thank you again Jake for guest posting today. 

What is your favorite beach on Maui? Some of you already have shared, but others haven’t.  We would love to hear from you.  Write your answer in the comment section below.  Mahalo!


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Maui Dream Home In Makena (Part 2)


Remember the Makena Dream House Part 1 post I did a while back?  I said Part 2 was coming, but I got hectic with some family matters I did not get the chance to post Part 2 right away.  Now it’s here!  On Friday, I met with Damien at the Makena Dream House to once again visit this gorgeous place.  This time I brought my cameras with me.

There really is something magical about this house.  As soon as I entered the place, I felt like I was back in time like the old Makena, even though some of the the surroundings had been developed.  I suppose it’s the nature around it that makes that happen.   You see, when you enter the house, you are greeted right away with the beauty of Makena because the house is built with an open wrap around lanai upstairs and downstairs.  To give you a feel of what I am talking about, I took a couple of short video shots of the surrounding. Here is one that I took from the first level lanai:

Did you hear the birds chirping in the background while I shoot that video clip?  That was cool. This house is surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Did you see that red hill?  That is Pu’u Ola’i.  You can hike there. It’s a little bit of a rough hike so not a lot of hikers to it. There are more info on www.Trails.com. This hike begins on Big Beach and follows the long and wide crescent of sand to the base of the cinder cone. The trail explores the tidepools fronting Puu Olai, then climbs the volcanic slope to panoramic views across the ocean to the islands of Lanai, Molokini and Kahoolawe.”.   Either way,  whether the buyer of this dream house likes to hike or not, that hill gives a nice view from the Makena Dream House lanai.  Sometimes, there are even deers roaming around in there. Fun to watch.

Here’s one I took from the second level lanai:

On this video you heard some of the birds playing in the wetland. More information about the wetland restoration can be found on this State Park website (the contact person is listed there).  And did you see Molokini?  It was not an epic day when I took this video.  It was actually a little bit cloudy that day – and yet if this video represent a “not so good day”, you can just imagine how beautiful a good day would be, which is often.   A portion of the Black Sand beach is was also in the video – there is an access from this Makena Dream house to that beach without having to go out of the road. It’s a beautiful secluded beach perfect for family fun or romantic walks.

I took some photos also – these are raw unprofessional shots and they still show the beauty of the surroundings:





This luxury Makena House is really  a dream home.  There are so many great features to talk about – but again, I’ve already reach my blogpost length limit. For more information on this, contact me and I’d connect you to the owner.

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