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The Buy Back The Beach $5K Challenge

The other day I shared about Buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau 2012 on my previous post. I know most of us want to help in one way or another. I want to highlight one thing that I think all of us can easily do, and yet leave maximum impact. You don’t have to be on Maui to do this…

THE  BUY BACK THE BEACH $5,000 challenge!  If we raise $5,000 by the end of the day on January 28, a generous donor will match it. That mean $10,000 for the protection and preservation of the beaches of Hawaii.  How to do it? Easy – just click the button below and it’ll take you to the Paypal file where you can donate, safely.

Buy Back the Beach Benefit Lu‘au in Support of Hawaiian Islands Land Trust #BBTB2012

Old Lahaina Luau

 *  To all my friends active on social media, let me share something with you … we are on a challenge here too.  Maui is still relatively new when it comes to harnessing the power of social media to do social good. I am stoked that HILT is willing to give this a try by collaborating with us, some of the active social media users on Maui, to help them achieve this mission of protecting and preserving Maui Beaches.  Would you do me a favor and help us social media users on Maui show our community that there is social media is for social good?  Any amount will be appreciated.  You can also help by sharing of this post to you and encouraging them to give.  I promise I won’t inundate you with fundraising posts – it’s just that this  one is for Maui, and I am A Maui Blog.  Aloha!

* If you donated, please leave a comment saying you did so we can publicly thank you via our tweets and posts.  Mahalo!

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Buy Back The Beach 2012 Benefit Luau – Five Things +

Imagine Maui with very limited access to the beautiful beaches around it. Imagine it very crowded that you can’t see the ocean while driving down the road. Imagine… Can you? I can’t. Or at least I wouldn’t even want to. Part of  Maui’s beauty is it’s open space, it’s beautiful beaches and access to it. And I would want my kids, and my grandkids, to experience the same.  This is why I am participating in this Buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau. To help me organize my thoughts, I decided to break them into “Five”

Hula dancer at @oldlahinaluau #BBTB

Five Facts About Buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau 2012:

  1. Buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau is an annual fundraising event by Hawaiian Islands Land Trusts and it is now on it’s 11th year.
  2.  This year’s BBTB event will be held on the beautiful grounds of  the Old Lahaina Luau on January 28, 2012 at 5:00PM.
  3. Aside from the award winning Hula by the Old Lahaina Luau,  entertainment also includes a private concert by HAPA.
  4. Tickets are available online at Eventbrite, or you may call (808) 244-5263.
  5. Cost of Tickets are $150 per person and $1,200 for a table of eight.
Five Reasons To Attend the Buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau:
    1. To support Hawaiian Islands Land Trust ‘s (HILT) mission of protecting and preserving the land.
    2. To enjoy a great entertainment by the award winning Old Lahaina Luau and private concert by  HAPA
    3. To indulge on the onolicious  food that will  from the Hoaloha family of restaurants:  Aloha Mixed Plate, Old Lahaina Luau, Star Noodles and Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop.
    4. To find some great deals on their Adventures For The Aina auction, maybe purchase one or two or more.
    5. To have fun with family and friends.

Five Ways to Support The Mission of Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

  1. Attend the buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau.  Tickets Available here (oh I already mentioned this? :) )
  2. Not available to come?  Live on a far away place? Then how about making “cash” a  donation via Paypal and help us raise $5,000 to fulfill the challenge and have a donor match it with another $5,000.  ( I was informed we need help in this are so I made it multi-colored :)
  3. Bid on an auction item, or share these auction happening with your family and friends and encourage them to bid also.
  4. Show appreaciation to the major donors and sponsors of this event: Old Lahaina Luau, Mana Foods, Skyline Adventures, Sempra and Boeing.
  5. Participate in the current Buy Back The Beach Social Media Campaign (see below) 


Five Ways to Participate in HILT’s and BBTB’s Social Media Campaign. 
  1. Like HILT’s Facebook Page   Join the conversation
  2. Follow them/us on Twitter  Join the conversation
  3. Discover what our bloggers are sharing about HILT and BBTB and please share them with your circle of friends too: A Maui Blog, The OhanaMama, Non-Stop Honolulu and Barefoot Studios.
  4. During the BBBTB Luau, follow the social media team @spectekula @roxannedarling @peterliu47 @melissa808, @theohanamama and @amauiblog all the other social media enthusiasts (like @DaniaKatz)who will be livetweeting from the luau. The hashtag we are going to use is #BBTB2012. Would be great if you would re-tweet (RT) our tweets as well.  It will be a huge help to us. Let’s all do this together!
  5. Read Roxanne’s post for more….

That’s all for now friends.  And I hope to see some of you there, or interact with you via online on  Saturday.   Aloha! (P.S. The photo above is the Social Media team for Buy Back The Beach 2011. :)

PHOTO CREDITS: photos taken by Peter Liu Photography. Posted on Kaiscapes’ Flickr Acct.  and the last photo is taken by Paula MacCutcheon.

THIS POST SPONSORED BY: Aloha Luxury Properties – Maui Luxury Vacation Rentals.


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Halloween Celebrations on Maui – Lahaina, Paia & Kihei

I had been wanting to write a post on Halloween on Maui since last week but I had been very busy all week I did not get a chance to write it.   Today it struck me that Halloween is on Monday (as in this coming Monday)  so I better get on my okole today  and upload a post or else it will be too late.

With the return of  Halloween celebration in Front Street Lahaina,  Maui’s Halloween celebration has gotten a boost and as a result there are so many fun events to choose from. 

Paia – The New Mastersounds, Freeradicals Projekt, and DJ Boomshot at Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon. Starts 9 p.m. Sell-Out Expected – Buy Tickets In Advance; Howl 1031 at Moana Bakery & Cafe. Starts 9 p.m. $20 cover. Costume and all-night DJ dance party. Cash prizes will be offered to the best dressed.

Paia Trick or  Treat starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 7:00pm.  All of Paia’s businesses are offering candy and treats for trick or treating. Costume Contest is  at 5 pm.  There will be a Keiki Costume Contest at Flatbread.  Win Prizes!

 Kihei – Sexy & Scary at Ambrosia. Starts 10 p.m. DJ CIA, $4 “brain hemorrhage shots” and “spooky juice drinks” in house; Halloween Night With DJ Slackin’ at the Tiki Lounge. Starts 10 p.m. will drink specials all night; Halloween With MOTHxp at Three’s Bar & Grill. Starts 8 p.m. for all ages and at 10 p.m. for 21 & over.

Piilani Village Shopping Center in Kihei is also having a Maui’s Family Friendly Halloween on Monday,  October 31 from 6p-8p. Live Music by DÄjê vu DJ by Next Level Entertainment, Magic w/ Timothy Wenk, Brenton Keith and his Bag of Tricks, Trunk O Treat, Maui Classic Cruisers, Candy Treats, County of Maui & HandsOn Maui Face Painting,  Kihei Youth Center, games with prizes. with Yuki Lei Sugimura and Maui’s MorningShow.

Lahaina - As we all know, Lahaina is where the big “party” is going to be.  Below are copies of the posters that will tell you about the event’s activities, the Maui Bus route and Halloween schedule  and more.

Click on these images to enlarge it so you can read better.

So who’s going to Lahaina on Halloween?  I invite you to post some of your pics on our A Maui Blog Facebook Page. But remember, this blog is rated PG ;)  And in case you are interested to find out where I will be, we will be staying here in Kihei :)  Happy trick-o-treating!

IMPORTANT REMINDER FROM OUR READER: *   In light of the sensitivities of the Host Culture (Hawaiian), please be respectful of the people and respect the places you  go. Insensitivity and offensiveness will cause harm and is unnecessary. Malama Pono. (*I received this comment via contact email right after I uploaded this post.  I thought it will bw good to add it here. Malama Pono.)

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10 Things To Do On Maui

Ocean on Maui

1. Beach. This one is probably obvious, but the option of the beach can easily be taken for granted. Time at the beach, whether a long leisurely day with a cooler full of snacks or just an hour splashing around in the water, is always time well spent. A packed cooler, an umbrella or a shady tree and some sunscreen can be enough to keep kids (and adults) of all ages content to spend the whole day lounging at the shore. Even a quick jump in the ocean can wash away the stress of the day and do wonders for the soul.

Hiking On Maui2. Hike. Hiking on Maui is a great way to get the exercise we all say we need. Puu Olai aka Red Hill in Makena is challenging but the reward of a sweeping ocean view is well worth it- just don’t forget shoes! Waihe’e Ridge Trail is also a great work out and provides amazing vistas of the ocean, green valleys and waterfalls in the distance. Or if you want to get out of the hot sun, take a few hours to walk under the shade of the trees at the Makawao Forest Reserve.

3. Eat. Many posts could be devoted to just this one, and beloved, topic. Maui is well known for a variety of mouth-watering establishments from plate lunch to fine dining. One of the best aspects of dining on Maui is the relaxed island attitude that can be found in just about every restaurant. From oceanfront fine dining to a simple container of poke, there’s sure to be something for every price range and craving.

4. Paddleboard. This activity has recently caught on like wildfire. If you drive by the beach in the morning, chances are you will see at least on paddleboarder out there. Paddleboarding can be as challenging or relaxing as you like, and it is a fantastic way to get out on the water and get in a little exercise.

5. Lahaina. If you’re in need of some gifts, souveniers or just a little people watching, then head up to Lahaina. Art galleries, historic buildings, restaurants and shops are all nestled together along the shore. Take your time to stroll around the Banyan Tree, check out the Old Courthouse and duck into a few shops.

Ulupalakua Winery6. Upcountry. When you just need a day off from the beach then a trip upcountry is your cure. The cooler climate can be a especially welcome change if you have had a bit too much sun. A day upcountry would not be complete without stops at Ali’i Kula Lavendar Farm, Ulupalakua Winery and General Store and the Farmers Market on Kula Highway.

7. Pa’ia. This charming and eclectic town is home to some of Maui’s most distinct shops and best restaurants. There is something for everyone within the few short blocks of Pa’ia. Watch the surfers at Pai’ia Bay or check out the dozens of unique shops and work up an appetite because every restaurant in this town is guaranteed to satisfy.

bamboo forest8. Hana. If you are in need of a little breathing room then Hana is the perfect setting. The lush greenery, rugged shoreline and slower pace of life will remind you to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. The drive itself is an adventure. Take your time, stop to hike and enjoy the scenery.

9. Whale Watch/Boat Trip. Being on the ocean and taking in the view of the islands is one of the best things you can do on Maui. And there are few experiences that compare with being on the ocean off of Maui and close to a whale. No matter how long you have lived here, the return of the humpback whales is always an exciting time. Whale watch, snorkel or sunset cruise, being on a boat in the waters off of Maui is a true luxury that everyone should experience at least once.

10. Sunset. One of the most simple yet rewarding things to do on Maui is to just stop and take in the sunset. The day is always magically improved by taking a few minutes to just watch the blue sky fade into jewel tones and see the sun slip into the horizon.

Sunset on Maui

*This post is written by our guest blogger, Justine Volk. She’s a wonderful friend and very talented young lady. She will be co-blogging with me here at A Maui Blog and I am very happy about that. Stay tuned for more helpful and fu posts from her. Aloha!

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