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Maui Sunset Love Never Gets Old


Maui Sunset 3


Maui Sunset 4


Maui Sunset 5


Maui Sunset 6


Maui Sunset 7


Maui Sunset 8

I took my teenage son for a driving practice yesterday. He is actually pretty good and is ready to take the test but I am just happy to go with him driving as I get to take photos while he drive.  While we were at Hope Chapel, I saw that a beautiful sunset is about to happen.  My son drove to a beach nearby so I can  take my sunset photos. Ahhh,  the calming effect of Maui Sunset never gets old.  I have to admit that as much as I love holidays, the holiday problems that come with it also stresses me out. Watching Maui sunset is one of the many ways I combat the stress. Something about it reminds tell me that Gods is in control and everything is gonna be all right….

Maui Sunset 9


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Whale Day 2013 on Maui

Whale Day Parade Maui Mermaids - 1


Whale Day Parade Maui Mermaids - 2


Whale Day Parade Maui Mermaids - 3

Whale Day Parade Maui Mermaids - 4


For more photos of the Whale Day Parade, please go to A Maui Blog Facebook Page.  And while you are there, I suggest you like the page too :) Mahalo!


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In Kihei Town … We’re Gonna Have A Party!

Kihei Town Party

Have you heard that there is going to be a huge town party happening in Kihei on December 28 (yes, this Friday!) starting at 6m at the Azeka Shopping Center Mauka Side? I bet you already have, but if you haven’t you do now.  I encourage you to come, it’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone!

Our friend Erik Blair is the social media coordinator for this event.  Since the social media peeps on Maui support each other, here I am blogging about Kihei Fourth Friday …

And it’s all good. 

So, why should you come to this Kihei Fourth Friday event? There are 101 reasons why. Let’s discuss a few: (if you are not n Maui right now, I request that you share this on your Facebook page as well so your friends who are here can will know about this.  Mahalo!)

  • For the residents of Kihei Town, you’d want to come out to show support of your town. It’s that simple. It’s the inaugural event and we are hoping to make an impact. It’s a great way to support your community.
  • For the non- residents of Kihei – we invite you to come and party with us – make it your Pau Hana event for Friday. There will be 3 designated “beer gardens” if you like to chill out with a couple glass of beers.  And for those with family, there is a designated safe  “Keiki Zone” with loads of fun activities to do!
  • For the  tourists and visitors, you’d want to come to experience  a local event.  There will also be Hula for you to enjoy and  locally made arts and crafts will be available.
  • For the  family oriented, this is a great event to go to on your family night.  Kihei Town Party will have  a Keiki and Youth Zone – a safe zone for them to enjoy. A lot of surprises and fun activities are planned! (Photo from The Kihei Fridays Public Event Invitation on Facebook)
  • For the Foodies, you’ll be in heaven!  The Kihei Town Party has a wide selection of  Food Vendors with a variety of food to choose from!
  • For the Music Lovers, and for those who enjoy live music, Erin Smith and The Throwdowns, and The House Shakers, featuring Lenny Castellanos from Mick Fleetwood’s Blues Band,  will rock the event!  You won’t want to miss this! (Credit: Photo of Erin and the ThrowDowns is from their Facebook Page)
Our friend Peter Liu blogged about Kihei Fourth Friday too. Go check it out on this link to  Peterliu47.com
Worried about PARKING?
Pi‘ikea Avenue will be closed from the traffic circle down to South Kihei Road (between Longs Drugs and Stella Blues Café), providing plenty of room for the festivities. Plenty of parking is available at Azeka Shopping Center – Makai, Kihei Plaza, and St. Theresa’s Church.
This Kihei Town Party will be live streamed at http://www.kiheifridays.com/live/
For quick Updates, make sure you LIKE the Kihei Fourth Friday Facebook Page 
 And other information can be found on the Kihei Fourth Fridays Website
Kihei Fridays is also on Twitter and the official HASHTAG for the event is #Kihei
I heard there are over 50 volunteers right now spending an enormous amount of time planning and organizing this event to make it  successful. People like Pat and  Sol from Kre8tive Khaos,  Jen Tempchin, and many more.  We appreciate them all, and we appreciate all the sponsors too, like Java Cafe who will provide the wifi of the social media peeps :)
Here’s are the video and  copy of the Kihei Fridays poster for more information:

I would truly  appreciate it if yu can help spread the word about this event.  You can hit one of the buttons below – LIKE on FB, Google Plus, LinkedIn or Pin it on your Pinterest.  Mahalo and see you there!
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Incredible Maui Sunset Sky

Yesterday’s Maui Sunset was incredible.  I was at Safeway parking lot when it happened.  I know it would have been better if I was on the beach, but to experience Maui Sunset at a parking lot was quite amazing.  Only on Maui ….

So that first photo above was when it started.  I was unloading my cart and putting the grocery bags in my car when I noticed how lovely the sky was. So I took a photo, and then continues loading my car.

When I was done unloading, I looked up again and saw that it’s turned into this:

This photo was on the Makai side (the ocean side).  When I looked up the Mauka the clouds had already turned pinkish:

After I took the photo of this Mauka side of the parking lot’s sky, I turned around and this is what I saw:

The colors were amazing! This photo above is looking at the Makai side.  After I took several shots of this sky, I turned around to look at Makai and this is was it looked like:

And last but not the least, I took another shot of the Makai side and this was what I saw: beautiful colors in the sky!



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