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Maui Sunset Afterglow in Keanae Peninsula

Keanae Maui Sunset 1

We spent out Independence Day Holiday Weekend at Keanae, Maui. We are fortunate (blessed) to have great friends (our hanai family, our ohana)  who owns a property in Keanae.  I call Keanae Peninsula a mini paradise on earth.

Keanae Maui Sunset 2

On the afternoon / evening of July fourth, we were hanging out outside, chatting … and then we noticed how beautiful the sky is turning after the Maui Sun set. At first it was just pastel colors of pinkish, orange, yellowish, with a touch of greenish blueish splattered around …

Keanae Maui Sunset 3

And then it kept on transforming, creating a magnificent painting on the sky. The photos here will speak for itself. These were taken from my iPhone. No filters were used. No photoshop was done.  And yes some are a little blurry and out of focus. But these photos will give you an idea of the color transformation that happened.

Keanae Maui Sunset 4

At the end of this post, there is a embedded video that you can watch.   I still can’t get over how beautiful it was.   More photos below. Enjoy …

Keanae Maui Sunset 5


Keanae Maui Sunset 6


Keanae Maui Sunset 7


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Keanae On My Mind …

Keanae taken at the YMCA Camp

Maui Keanae

We were at Keanae this Saturday for a surprise birthday party of one of dear friends. I planned to write a blog post about Keanae, but it’s now almost 11PM Sunday night, and my eyes are falling (need to go to bed).  So for now, please enjoy the photos and I will catch up with  you later.

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Pineapple Found on Our Way To Hana

 Pineapple at Keanae on way to Hana


Pineapple on the way to Hana


Pineapple on the way to Hana


This is my entry to the Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes For Moms. Go there for more!

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I Love Keanae

Why do I love going to Keanae? It is a very peaceful place. Surrounded by beautiful nature God has created, spending time in Keanae helps renews my mind, body and soul. And that’s what vacation is all about. We were first introduced to this lovely peninsula by our dear friends, the Keplers. They have a cabin there (we call Hale Kaenae) that they generously share with family and friends. Their love for this place is contagious, and I can see why. It’s very easy to fall in love with the place, a easy as we fall in love with the Keplers. As you can see in the photos, it’s a HAVEN OF REST. The old church that we walk to, the camping place where our kids love to sleep, the rainbow, the ocean, the Taro patches, lush greeneries, fruit trees and tropical flowers. Ahh… it’s a wonderful, wonderful place. Check this virtual panoramic view HERE :) and more HERE

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