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Hibiscus Flowers On Maui – So Colorful!

huge pink hibiscus maui



Peach hibiscus



red hibiscus maui

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Hibiscus to Brighten Your Day


It’s a wonderful Saturday on Maui!  And as usual, I have a tons of things to do. Busy in paradise is what I should have titled this picture post. But then again, I love this photo of pink hibiscus, and so the title “Hibiscus to Brighten Your Day” fits too.  Ok, must confess,  I am rambling.  I need to go to Hope Chapel right now to help in a car wash fundraising that my daughter is involved with.  Hapa Girl is raising funds to do to Hume Camp on Oahu this winter break. I am anticipating drying hundred of cars today. That will be my work out for the day.  In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy Saturday! Aloha!


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Hibiscus At Wailea Beach Villa on Maui – Colorful!




 I went to Wailea Beach Villa last Friday to take some photos of the luxury vacation rental unit of the company I work for.  While there, I could not resist taking photos of the lovely and colorful hibiscus that surround the area.  The tropical garden at Wailea Beach Villa is beautiful!  I will be uploading a lot more photos at Aloha Luxury Properties’ blog, but for now I hope you enjoy these photos of the coloful hibiscus.  Aloha!


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Pink Hibiscus

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