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10 Family-Friendly Things to Do on Maui

 Aloha! Today I am very excited to introduce to you our guest blogger, Sheralyn from “Paradise Found in Maui”.  Sheralyn lives is Canada but her family is a regular visitor of  Maui.  She knows Maui like a local does, and at the same time, she also provides unique perspective on what to do on Maui from a visitors point of view. More about her is on the end of the post, but for now, I present to you her version of “10 Family-Friendly Things To Do On Maui:

On our recent 4-week-long trip to Maui, we traveled all over the island with our 2 little boys, both under the age of five. Here are 10 of my top picks for family fun with little ones.

Surfing Goat Dairy Maui

1) The Surfing Goat Dairy is great fun for all ages. Animal lovers will love their tours of the dairy farm – we checked out their evening chores tour where we all got to not only feed the goats, but milk them too! And then there were the delicious samples of their fresh goat cheeses – they were so delicious that we ended up buying several of them to eat on our trip.

2) The Alii Kula Lavender Farm was something we originally thought the adults would enjoy way more than the kids. But after enjoying a guided tour of their farm, I can safely say that it’s great fun for kids too. Our guide not only told us all about the different plants that they grow there, but gave each of us cuttings of countless different kinds of lavender and other plants with intoxicating scents – everyone ended up with their own “bouquet” of cuttings by the end of the tour. If you’re feeling hungry after your tour, I highly recommend checking out their gift shop where you can sample unique treats such as lavender scones and lavender tea. (Check out Maui Country Farm Tours if you need more info on this farms)

Source: amauiblog.com via Liza on Pinterest


3) The Komoda Bakery in Makawao is a great spot to stop on your way to other Upcountry destinations. They have a delectable assortment of freshly baked goods ranging from buns to sweet treats like cream puffs and coconut turnovers. There’s nothing better than snacking on yummy baked goods to keep little ones happy during the drive to other destinations!

4) Kula Botanical Gardens is a great family friendly stop in Upcountry. Not only is there a lot to see, but it’s easy on the budget since kids under 6 get in free! Our kids had a ball exploring the endless pathways through their garden, saying hello to their Jackson’s Chameleon, and, lucked out by being there at the right time to feed the fish in the koi pond! Tip: Check out the homemade coconut macaroons that they sell in their gift shop – they are truly superb!

Haleakala Crater Maui

5) A drive to the Haleakala Summit can take a while, but as long as the kids are happy (with, say, treats from Komodo Bakery to munch on,) the drive will be totally worth it! And no, you don’t HAVE to drag your kids out of bed for the sunrise – the summit is gorgeous pretty much any time you go, so there’s no need to feel like you’ll be missing out if you go later in the morning! As you drive up to the summit, you can break up the drive by pulling over at the scenic lookouts – most of them have fairly easy trails to the best views and everyone will appreciate the chance to stretch their legs.

6) Iao Valley is another fun spot to visit with kids, especially is they love the fun of exploring new places. Everyone stops at the state park’s botanical gardens to get the great views of the famous Iao Needle. Along the way, you can also stop at Kepaniwai Heritage Park and the Tropical Gardens of Maui.

7) The Maui Ocean Center is a classic stop for anyone with kids. They have a ton of exhibits that will appeal to adults and kids of all ages – if your timing is right, you’ll even get to listen to their marine naturalists speak about their specialties, such as sea turtles or sharks. If your visit overlaps with a mealtime, you can pop by the Reef Cafe for a yummy bite to eat!

8) The Road to Hana is must-do, and lots of stops to break up the driving make it so much easier for little ones. One of the biggest hits with our kids was our stop at the Hana Lava Tube. They loved getting to explore such a unique place, and the cool air inside the lava tube was a welcome break from the heat! The self-guided tour here is another budget-friendly activity since kids 5 and under get in free. (Want the perfect guide for your Road To Hana trip” check TheR2H out)

9) Have you considered taking your kids to a luau? Pretty much all of the luaus give discounts to kids, and some even let them in totally free. There are usually displays and activities to keep everyone having fun from the moment they arrive. With a buffet dinner, even the pickiest eaters a bound to find something they like, and the dessert trays will always be a hit! The luau shows give everyone a taste of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, and at some luaus, guests of all ages are invited up on stage to learn the hula!

Maui Sunset at Poolenale

10) Any list of family-friendly things to do on Maui wouldn’t be complete without including some beach time. Maui beaches are some of the best in the world, and the island has a ton of great beaches to choose from. In South Maui, some of our favourites were Kamaole I, II and III beaches. Another south Maui beach that we really enjoyed was Po’olenalena – there was a lot to see the day we were there – 2 weddings and a gorgeous sunset – we ended up staying until it was almost dark! In the Kaanapali area, Kaanapali Beach is a must-see. In the Kapalua area, D.T. Fleming Beach Park is lots of fun. For a great beach in the north-central area of the island, Baldwin beach is a choice you won’t regret!


More About The Blogger:

Paradise Found In MauiSheralyn is the website owner and blogger behind Paradise Found In Maui.  She and I met online and have become good friends.  Everything you need to make planning your Maui vacations a snap is found on that website! Find out the best things to do and see on Maui, where to stay, how to get the best deals, Maui travel tips and more!  Sheralyn’s love for Maui is contagious, and Maui is so lucky to have a visitor like her who exudes aloha spirit like locals do.  Visit her website at http://www.paradise-found-in-maui.com/ and like her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/paradisefoundinmaui


Buy Back The Beach on Maui

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Hiking And Camping in Haleakala Crater, Part 2

This Part 2 of the Hiking and Camping in Haleakala Crater is for Wordless WednesdayPart 1 has the story Part 3 will too (coming soon).

* due to recent hacking, comments are moderated. Aside from Akismet, I am double checking that it’s not a spam.  So please be patient, your comment will appear after I check them. Mahalo!

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Hiking and Camping on Haleakala in the Crater – Part 1

My first hike and camping in Haleakala Crater was back in March 2010 (as marked in the photos here).  The experience was so awesome I wanted to write a blog post that would capture the fascinating experience I had.  Needless to say, I was not able to produce the blog post because the draft I wrote seemed to be so bland and inadequate. It wasn’t doing any justice to the awesomeness of the experience of hiking in the Haleakala Crater.  So I decided not to post about it.

This weekend, we hiked and camped there again.  This time I was more prepared, and this time I am more calm.  I am also more confident to blog about it.  Not that I think I can now describe this one of a kind experience – it is more of the fact that I know I can’t.  I have accepted the reality that there are no words to fully describe the experience. I just have to do the best I can to share from my point of view.  Maybe others wil be enticed and try to hike and camp and see for themselves.  I also am reminded that pictures speak a thousand words, so I will post a lot of photos (and later on a video slide show) to show you what are out there in the crater.

The first leg of our hike was hiking the Sliding Sands. This is a gorgeous hike where we got to see various landscapes formed from the Haleakala volcanic eruption years ago. We started by entrance of Haleakala Visitor Center parking lot. The Sliding Sands trail descends 2,500 feet through a cinder desert to the valley floor in. The Panoramic views of cinder cones and lava flows is spectacular.  As we hiked down we can feel the solitude and quiet the wilderness has to offer. Being one who likes solitude and quietness, I absolutely love this hike.

To be continued … 2011 photos in the next post

(Note: due to recent hacking, I am now moderating the comments here.  When you leave a comment and it does not show right away, it’s just waiting or approval.  Mahalo!)

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Bamboo Forest – One Of My Favorite Hikes on Maui

As I said, the bamboo forest in Hana is one of my favorite hikes, along with the Haleakala hikes and Pilipoli hike. We did this a couple weeks ago when we went camping at Kipahulu.

The bamboo forest is actually a part of the Pipiwai Trail. I love it that when we enter the forrest, it’s like being in a new world. It is so nice to be surrounded by nature.

Bamboo Forest Kipahulu Hike

The hike is easy enough, the trails are well maintained.

Bamboo Forest and Jumping the Cliff

There are cliffs and waterfalls along the way. But be careful. As the sign says, its dangerous to jump off these cliffs and water falls. Actually, the sign says “no jumping”

Bamboo Forrest Hike Maui

I had to have a family photo taken in the midst of bamboo forest.  A memory maker for sure.  Our hike ended at Waimoku Falls.  We didn’t get to take a lot of photos there because we were informed that there could be a possibility of “flash flood”.   After taking this one shot below, we rushed to get out of there.

Bamboo Forest Waterfalls

Would you like to know more about this awesome bamboo forrest hike? My friend Mark, from www.mauiguidebook.com, wrote a detailed article on Pipiwai Trail and Waimoku Falls.  Both of us love the bamboo forest and I am glad he wrote a detailed post about it – he did a great job “talking” about it. Go there now and have fun reading :)

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