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The Night Before Christmas in Pidgin with Narration

The video above was uploaded on Dec 24, 2011 – A take on the Christmas classic “The Night Before Christmas” done in
Hawaiian Pidgin English by Kamaka Brown with music by James Kimo


Was da night bafo’ Christmas,
and all ova’ da place
Not even da geckos
was showin’ their face.

Da stockings was hangin’ on top da TV?
(‘Cause no mo’ fireplace in Hawai’i)
Da kids stay all crashed, my old man too.
They leave all da work for you-know-who.

So me, I stay pickin’ up alla their toys,
When – boom! – outside get only big noise!
I run to da window, I open ‘em up,
I stick out my head and I yell, “Eh! Whassup?!”

And then, I no can ba-lieve what I seen!
Was so unreal, you know what I mean?
This fat haole guy get his reindeers in my yard!
And reindeers not housebroken, you know, as’ why hard!

But nemmind, this Christmas, so I cut ‘em some slack.
Plus, had uku pile presents pokin’ outta his sack!
So I wait ’till he pau tie up his reindeer,
Then I yell out da window, “Huui! Brah, ova hea!”

An’ I tell ‘em first thing, when I open da door,
“Eh, Hemo your shoes! You going dirty my floor!”
He take off his boots, he tell, “You know who I am?”
I go, “Ho! From the smell, must be Mr. Toe Jam!”

He make mempachi eyes and he go, “Ho, ho, ho!”
By now, I stay thinking this guy kinda slow!
He look like my Tutu, but little less weight,
And his beard stay so white, mo’ white than shark bait!

He stay all in red, specially his nose,
And get reindeer spit on top his nice clothes!
But him, he no care; he just smile at me,
And he start fo’ put presents unda-neath da tree.

I tell ‘em, “Eh, brah, no need make li’dat,
And watch where you step! You going ma-ke da cat!”
Then, out from his bag, he pull one brand new computah,
Choke video games, and one motorized scootah!

He try for fill up da Christmas socks too,
But had so much pukas, all da stuff went fall troo.
When he pau, I tell ‘em, “Eh Santa, try wait!
I get plenty leftovahs, I go make you one plate!”

But he nevah like hang, he had so much fo’ do;
Gotta make all them small kids’ wishes come true.
So I wave ‘em goodbye, and I flash ‘em da shaka,
And I tell ‘em, “Mele Kalikimaka!”

When he hear that, he stop and I telling you true,
He go, “Garans ball-barans! Merry Christmas to you!”


Da Night Befoh Christmas (Pidgin)

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Hawaiian Santa on Maui




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Silent Night Hawaiian Style

I am writing a Maui Christmas post right now. While researching for some event information, I stumbled upon this beautiful Silent Night Hawaiian Style video on Youtube and I knew I must share it here. The chant in the beginning of the video gave me “chicken skin” (local style of calling “goose bumps”).  Melody Dawn’s voice is beautiful as well as the photos in the slide. Enjoy!

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White Sand Christmas, A Merry Maui Christmas

I received an e-mail from our blog reader who wanted to share about their Christmas vacation on Maui, and I thought it was very nice of him to offer that. I told him to send me the post via e-mail and if it is consistent with the theme of this blog, we’ll publish it. I love it when A Maui Blog readers interact and participate and this is one example. Living on Maui, we sometimes take for granted how wonderful it is to celebrate Christmas here on a warm weather. This post reminds me to be appreciative of this blessing. This is Tyler’s story from their previous Christmas vacation on Maui. They can’t come this year due to a new baby born to their family, but it is fun reminiscing their past Christmas here on Maui and he looks forward to coming here again with his new son.

White Sand Christmas

If you are like me and live in Utah or any other cold area then you know how harsh winter can be, with the freezing rain, whiteout blizzards and sub-zero temperatures. This makes for a slow and dangerous commute. You also know that there is nothing more magical than a white Christmas. Waking up on Christmas morning and seeing everything covered in a blanket of sparking white snow almost makes the rest of the winter worth it. However, it seems that the past few Christmas mornings we have woken up to freezing temperatures, and hazy polluted skies with no snow. So I decided that there had to be a better way to celebrate a white Christmas.

Unfortunately there is more to Christmas than just snow. Traditions, music, holiday lights and of course spending time with family are all important around the holidays. So I found myself in a dilemma, I wanted to go somewhere warm but I couldn’t leave all the other things that make Christmas magical behind. Then I realized the solution was easy, take it all with me. So we packed up the whole family, including Grandparents, and headed to Hawaii.

 We arrived in Maui just in time to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Then the Christmas magic began, instantly every palm tree and rooftop around us light up with holiday lights. I thought I was going to miss our Christmas tree, but quickly learned that a palm tree decorated with lights is so much better. As for the Christmas music, Hawaii has its own music and it is awesome. The next morning we woke up to a white sand beach. It was even more magical and exciting than a white snow Christmas. The rest of that day was spend playing on the white sand beach, spending time with family and soaking up the sun.

You are probably wondering about the Christmas traditions. Well, we found our new family Christmas tradition. What could be better, we had everything we needed to make Christmas magical plus the warmth, beauty and hospitality of the Hawaiian Islands and people. The only thing worse than leaving the Island and going back to hazy polluted skies and sub-zero temperatures is waiting a full year before returning to Maui to celebrate another beautiful white sand Christmas.

Tyler is a writer and marketer for uscharterservice.com. He is an avid snowboarder (but prefers surfing while in Hawaii). He loves traveling and spending time with his family. He can’t wait to spend his first white sand Christmas with his new son.

Are you a friend of A Maui Blog and would also like to share your Maui Vacation Story with us? That would be wonderful!  Contact me and we’ll work it out :)

Photo Credit:  The Maui Sunset photo  is taken by  Lena Castles of A David Story. And the Palm with Christmas Lights photo is from my FB friend Mark Tate.

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