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Ohmygosh My Face Is On The Header!

Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!” That was my first thought when @ErikBlair showed the new lay-out for A Maui Blog.  Being an introvert, it made me cringe to see that my photo is up there!

Don’t get me wrong. I do like that photo a lot.  @Peterliu47 took that photo of me when I needed a headshot for the  TechTalk we did a while back. I like its cheery bright colorful background, and I also like the way I look.  That is why I used it for my about.me page.

But still … a photo of me? on A Maui Blog header?  Hmmmm… it took a while for me to agree to using it.  I actually e-mailed Peter and asked what he thinks about it (yep, when in doubt, ask Peter). He said it’s ok, so yesterday I gave the go to Erik to upload our new lay-out. Lo and behold, he did it today – and I had the same reaction when I saw it live: “Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!”  Ahhhh, this will take some time getting used to it.  What do you think? Keep it or change? (you can be honest, I won’t feel bad if you tell me to take out my photo on my header – I promise!)

It’s a long story…. and I do not want to bore you with details of my desire to update the lay-out of A Maui Blog and how I was thinking of rebranding but I didn’t have the budget to hire a professional designer to make me a new logo and header.

So the new lay-out is uploaded. And my face is there for now, so get used to it ;)  We still have a lot of  “cleaning up and re-organizing” to do on this blog.  We are open to suggestions, so please let me know in the comment section if you have any suggestions on our new lay-out. And “mahalo” for doing so.

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Best Local Blog on Maui 2011

From Maui Time Weekly:

Website: http://www.amauiblog.com/
amauiblog.com is led by Maui mama and blogger Liza Pierce. It provides a slice of our Pacific sunshine on the Internet. Follow her at @amauiblog to get her latest micro-blogged updates. She posts regularly about community events and the beauty of Maui and you’re welcome to chime in and comment. Her latest craze is sharing through Instagram, but you will find Pierce is always sharing something on social platforms, where ever they may be.


Dear A Maui Blog Readers and Friends,

Once again, I would like to thank you for voting A Maui Blog as the Best Local Blog on Maui for 2 consecutive years.  As you probably have been noticing, I have not updated my blog for several weeks now.  It’s been very hectic for me this past few weeks as I started a new full time job.  This does not mean I am giving up blogging here at A Maui Blog.  I am just re-grouping and re-organizing (rebuilding and recuperating from the hacking set-backs).  By next week you will see an update as well as improved A Maui Blog.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and love.

A hui hou,


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A Maui Blog Break

at keanae 1

A lot of “to dos” piled up on the homefront. I need to do a bloggy break to re-group and focus. I will not be uploading a new post for several weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to explore this blog and read some of my previous posts. Also, visit some of the blogs listed on my sidebar – they are great! Aloha!

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Maui Tweet Up – Success!

Get Some

Don’t be fooled by the seriousness in our faces on the photo above – this MauiTweetUp was actually fun! Just look at @DJSmook shirt – Get some! Hmm, “get some what”? For Maui Tweet Up – it’s getting something more than a 140 character tweet! It’s getting to know Twitterfriends in real life (IRL) so that they not only remain digital friends but become real friends as well.

In most of our previous tweetups, we just casually chat, but yesterday I decided to try something new. We gathered together and gave a chance for everyone to introduce themselves to the group. A very interesting group of Twitters indeed! This is a bunch of people you would want to meet and hang around with – I kid you not! If you are on twitter, searched #MauiTweetup and you’ll see all the photos taken and the encouraging “nice meeting you” tweets everyone there are sharing.

I still have a lot to share about the benefits of attending a tweet-up but I have to get ready for work right now. I will try to post more later. In the meantime, here’s the list of the twitter handle of tweeps who were there. If you are on twitter, make sure to follow them! :


List in random order: @lamourwedding @twmedianet @MauiHawaiiInfo @webnelly / @mauibyphoto and lovely wife Cindy @ucsmiles @@fashinator1985 (her account is private but if you  may try sending sending request to follow if you’re not a spammer) @hawaiianobrien @jamarilyn @jalove @peterliu47 @raatz @djsmook @tikitales @blackwatchjr and @yukilei (yukilei is new, she has that account but hasn’t tweeted yet. It was nice having her there.)

Marilyn ( @jamarilyn ) wrote a nice post about the Mauitweetup. Click here to go there.

I have a feeling that next tweetup is even gonna be even bigger and better. Maybe we’d do a potluck! For now, see us all at Twiterville. Aloha!

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