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Musings on Maui

Calm after the storm

KULA  “Calm After The Storm” Photo via @ErikBlair of www.erikeverywhere.com

Musing on the storm before, during and after.

It was interesting the amount of preparation people on Maui did for these hurricane Iselle and Julio.  It was quite entertaining seeing so many photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about long lines at Costco and empty shelves at Safeway. Even my boss who usually does not post on social media channels posted about it. What a hoot!   There was a bit of a panic buying, but then again, everyone wants to be prepared.

The school were cancelled.  Many of the offices sent their employees home early as well.

Then we waited, and waited.  It did not even rain in Kihei till the day after Iselle was supposed to hit Maui. Later we found out that Upcountry had a lot of rain and crazy wind that night, and there were some damages in Ulupakalua area. Considering what the Big Island Hawaii had experienced, Maui’s storm experience was mild. For that we are thankful. Now praying for quick recovery of the Big Island.

So was the 2 days cancellation of school a fail? Was the storing up of food ad water a fail?  In my book, it’s absolutely not.  Storms and hurricanes are have a mind of their own. It’s hard to precisely predict what is going to happen.  I remember one year when DOE did not cancel school, then it rained hard in the middle of the day, and then there were power outages, and there were chaos among parents trying to pick up their kids from school. That was a disaster.  So canceling  the school due to a weather forecast saying that a hurricane is hitting Maui is good in my opinion.

Musing on my new job.

Well, it’s not so new anymore. I have been with Wailea Realty for 3 months now.  Sometimes I still can’t believe that his hobby/passion of mine turned into a career/job. Friends always ask, how’s your new job? Are you still liking it? The answer is yes. My new job is great and yes I am still liking it. Who wouldn’t want to get paid  cruising Facebook and the Internet? ha ha.  OK, this job is not for everyone, and not everyone will enjoy what I am doing.  For me it’s great to be able to talk about Maui as part of my job. Of course I do more than cruise the internet, but it’s a fun part of the job. It is quite fulfilling too. Check out the comments on this Facebook Post when you get a chance and see how friends on the internet appreciates what I do :)

Musing on my kids and family.

When I started blogging, my kids were little  and  young. Now they are tall and teenagers.  Will I still be blogging when they turn into adults and then have a kids of their own? Ha! I would be a grandma blogger.  The question is, would blogging still be existing by then?  I wonder what other technology with come up.

Musing on Blogging.

Speaking of blogging, did any of you noticed that there was no “Best Local Blog on Maui” category in the recent Best Of Maui 2014?  I initially wanted to ask why, but then the more I thought about it, the more I feel I shouldn’t ask why.  I decided to apply the wisdom of Yoda as in this scene:

Luke: But tell me why I can’t… Yoda: No, no, there is no why. Nothing more will I teach you today. Clear your mind of questions.


Well, there goes the musings. Thank you for reading along. Hopefully this will jumpstart the blog and I will regularly blogging again.  However, if at any point in time I become MIA again, know that you will find me at Wailea Realty’s Maui Blog.

A hui hou!

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Ohmygosh My Face Is On The Header!

Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!” That was my first thought when @ErikBlair showed the new lay-out for A Maui Blog.  Being an introvert, it made me cringe to see that my photo is up there!

Don’t get me wrong. I do like that photo a lot.  @Peterliu47 took that photo of me when I needed a headshot for the  TechTalk we did a while back. I like its cheery bright colorful background, and I also like the way I look.  That is why I used it for my about.me page.

But still … a photo of me? on A Maui Blog header?  Hmmmm… it took a while for me to agree to using it.  I actually e-mailed Peter and asked what he thinks about it (yep, when in doubt, ask Peter). He said it’s ok, so yesterday I gave the go to Erik to upload our new lay-out. Lo and behold, he did it today – and I had the same reaction when I saw it live: “Oh.my.gosh, my face is on the header!”  Ahhhh, this will take some time getting used to it.  What do you think? Keep it or change? (you can be honest, I won’t feel bad if you tell me to take out my photo on my header – I promise!)

It’s a long story…. and I do not want to bore you with details of my desire to update the lay-out of A Maui Blog and how I was thinking of rebranding but I didn’t have the budget to hire a professional designer to make me a new logo and header.

So the new lay-out is uploaded. And my face is there for now, so get used to it ;)  We still have a lot of  “cleaning up and re-organizing” to do on this blog.  We are open to suggestions, so please let me know in the comment section if you have any suggestions on our new lay-out. And “mahalo” for doing so.

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Best Local Blog on Maui 2011

From Maui Time Weekly:

Website: http://www.amauiblog.com/
amauiblog.com is led by Maui mama and blogger Liza Pierce. It provides a slice of our Pacific sunshine on the Internet. Follow her at @amauiblog to get her latest micro-blogged updates. She posts regularly about community events and the beauty of Maui and you’re welcome to chime in and comment. Her latest craze is sharing through Instagram, but you will find Pierce is always sharing something on social platforms, where ever they may be.


Dear A Maui Blog Readers and Friends,

Once again, I would like to thank you for voting A Maui Blog as the Best Local Blog on Maui for 2 consecutive years.  As you probably have been noticing, I have not updated my blog for several weeks now.  It’s been very hectic for me this past few weeks as I started a new full time job.  This does not mean I am giving up blogging here at A Maui Blog.  I am just re-grouping and re-organizing (rebuilding and recuperating from the hacking set-backs).  By next week you will see an update as well as improved A Maui Blog.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and love.

A hui hou,


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A Maui Blog Break

at keanae 1

A lot of “to dos” piled up on the homefront. I need to do a bloggy break to re-group and focus. I will not be uploading a new post for several weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to explore this blog and read some of my previous posts. Also, visit some of the blogs listed on my sidebar – they are great! Aloha!

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