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The Ultimate Ocean Cocktail Showdown 2015

Ultimate Ocean Cocktail Showdown

The Ultimate Ocean cocktail showdown event was a huge success! Six chefs, six mixologists, six non-profit organizations represented, a lot of people who attended  (I heard the count was 1,500+), delicious food, yummy cocktail, beautiful oceanside venue, marvelous sunset, fabulous entertainment, dancing, chatting with friends – the evening was so much fun!


I took a lot of photos that night. I shared many on social media using the hashtags  #oceanshowdown and #ultimateoceancocktail.  By the time I was going to write this post over the weekend I couldn’t decide which photos to share in the post! Thankfully, Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa created a video of the event, so now I can relax and not stress on deciding which photos to use – I will just share the video at the end of this post. I also saw a photo album shared on Ocean Vodka’s Facebook Page so I am sharing those with you too.


The cocktail recipes, the info on the chefs, the mixologists, the pairing, the non-profit team, are on my post at Wailea Realty Maui Blog so I won’t repeat here.  Hop on over there in case you want the recipe to try them at home. Go to:  Ultimate OCEAN Cocktail Showdown At The Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa – Event Info and Recipes

It was so hard deciding who to vote for. All cocktails, the dishes, and the pairings are excellent.  I also support all the non-profits represented.  In the end I had to cast my vote. And the winners were:

Best Pairing – Lee Anne Wong and Daniel Vincent:


Best Dish – Hank’s Haute Dogs:


Best Cocktail – Ross Steidel’s Salty Poi Dog:



More photos:




And now, here’s the video I was talking about. Have fun watching and hope to see you on the Ultimate Ocean Cocktail Showdown next year.  Aloha!


The Outlets of Maui Tweet-Up

The Outlets of Maui in Lahaina Maui

We had a fun tweet-up at The Outlets of Maui in Lahaina yesterday.  I have to be honest, I am a “South Maui” girl and so I don’t often make it to the West side of Maui.  As many locals would say “it’s such a long drive”.  Yep, we locals on the South Side  think Westside is so far away when it is actually not that far.  We’re just spoiled here on Maui :) Anyway, far or not, when I got a message from @Melissa808 saying that she and @Parkrat are coming to Maui and are hosting a tweet-up, I told them I would be going.  Both @Melissa808 and @Parkrat are longtime friends in social media (way back when Twitter was just starting in Hawaii).  Funny thing is that in all these years that we’ve been “friends” online, I still haven’t met @Parkrat live IRL (until yesterday).  Here’s what Melissa posted on her FB Page about us:

The Outlet of Maui with Jody and ParkRat

“We’ve been on social media so long that @Parkrat thought he’d already met @amauiblog IRL! Here with @JodyYoshida @theoutletsmaui!” – @Melissa808

As expected, it was fun meeting Russ.  I just wish I had the presence of mind to clobber @Parkrat while he was here, because I think that’s how ladies express their love and appreciation of @Parkrat -LOL!. @RachelWatroba did the honor of doing it. Yep, best shot of the night!

Best shot of the night! @rachelwatroba clobbered @parkrat so naturally @theoutletsmaui! #TOOMHunt

Best shot of the night! @rachelwatroba clobbered @parkrat so naturally @theoutletsmaui! #TOOMHunt (Photo From @Melissa808’s Instagram :)

The food served at Pi Artisan Pizzaria was so yummy. Ohh I love hot stuff and this pizza with jalopenos  is the bomb! Yum yum yum!


We played “Instagram Photo Hunt” and used the hashtag #TOOMHunt.  When they first told me about the hashtag to use, my reaction was “huh?” (I was wondering where that came from. Sounds like Indiana Jones Tomb Hunt).  Turns out it stands for “The Outlet Of Maui Hunt”  Ah, #TOOMHunt – now that makes sense – lol!   So to see all the photos we took during the tweet up just search for that hashtag #TOOMHunt on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Lots of fun photos – you really should check it out.

It was very nice seeing friends at the tweet-up – that’s the best part. But it’s also nice seeing all the shops (I am planning on coming back to shop), eating pizza at Pi Artisan Pizzaria, watching the Lahaina Sunset, and for finale stopping by the Fudge Hawaii Fudge Company before we head home :)

Here are some more photos from last night. Enjoy! (I will add caption later but for now I need to log off for an errand so no captions for these, just photos for now)




Michael Kors


Tweet Up at The Outlets of Maui

The Hawaii Fudge Company

It was indeed a fun, fun night! Yep it was worth the drive to the Westside :)

SNEAK PREVIEW OF TOMORROW’s POST – I will be attending the ULTIMATE OCEAN COCKTAIL SHOWDOWN tonight. I will be posting live too so follow along. Aloha and A hui hou!


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