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Paddling Out For Kaia

This past Saturday I was privileged to take photos of the paddling out for baby Kaia.  It was a memorial service and a celebration of life and love. Many of the Zautner friends showed up as early as 8AM, many bearing flowers and many brought their surf boards to paddle out. The scattering of ashes in the ocean together with the scattering of hundreds of flowers is very a poignant event – something that touches our heart and soul. I decided to share some of the photos and ask that you remember the Zautners in prayer. Mahalo.

The Story Behind The Magical Maui Sunset

Yesterday I uploaded some beautiful photos of the Maui Sunset.  I titled it “Magical Maui Sunset“.  I wanted to write a blog post to go with it but I knew that if I waited for me to write, the time would pass and the photos would not be shared right away as I intended.  So I opted to share those photos first , and now here’s the story:

I was at Hope Chapel in Kihei dropping off my son for his Jr. High group.  As I looked at the Haleakala view, I saw that the scenery has a beautiful glow in it. I knew it usually happens when a glowing sunset is happening across and so I looked … and indeed there was

On my way home, I decided to turn left on Welakahao to drive to the South Kihei Road instead of Piilani High Way.  While on the road I saw that the sun is setting in some gorgeous bright colors.  At the intersection of  Welakahao and South Kihei Road, I had to make a quick decision whether to turn left and go to the park or go straight and take my chance of finding a parking place in the neighborhood.  I chose to turn left.

Initially I thought turning left was a mistake because I missed the actual setting of the sun.  However, it was not that big of a mistake because when I arrived at Kalama Park (the far North End) I was mesmerized by the colorful hue the Maui Sunset afterglow had. And that’s where the title “magical” came from….

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