Maui Sunset – Beautiful Maui Skies

The other day the Maui Skies displayed an amazing array of Maui sunset colors. Just from our house alone I was able to capture two variety of sunset colors, the pinkish (or purpulish) one from our living room window and the yellowish one from our lanai (porch). There’s also a bluish one but my shot of that did not turn out well. So I would like to share these Maui sunset shots with you as my Weekly Winners:

For more Weekly Winners photos, visit Lotus’ Blog here.

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Sunday Photo: Slippahs

Rubbah Slippahs or just “Slippahs” is how we say slippers. Don’t get this confused! You people on the mainland,etc call them “Flip Flops”. Again, don’t get em confused. They’re SLIPPAHS over here. Nothing you or anyone can say or do will change that. Flip Flops? No. Slippahs? Yes.

You can use Flip Flops if you want to sound like a Kook.

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Aloha Friday – Talking Halloween

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So Kalani thought that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting, too. On her blog she’ll ask a simple question for us to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. Then if we would like to participate, we can do the same.

I am participating this week and my question is:

What is your (or your kid’s) costume going to be for Halloween? (I think this was asked before, but I still would like to get more ideas :)

For more Aloha Friday Posts, visit Kalani at An Island Life

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Hippy Gourmet Beet Salad with Bev Gannon of Hawaiian Airline

I like reviewing my sitemeter. It’s interesting to see what people are searching for that landed on my blog. Tonight someone was searching for “Maui Food Blog”. I followed the search and found out that there isn’t exactly one called Maui Food Blog. However, following the google search led me to a blog of a famous chef on Maui! Bev Gannon blogs! Yahoo! For those of you in the mainland (or around the world) who are not familiar with her, I decided to embed video of her for you to get to know her:

So, you want to check out her blog also? Click HERE.

Oh, here’s another video where she teaches how to make Sashimi Napolean:

You will find the recipe of that on Bev’s Blog – click HERE :)

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