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Maui Small Business Week… May 12 to16 at Makena Beach Resort

Welcome to Maui Small Business Week!

Everyone is welcome to join us for Maui Small Business Week to learn and apply something new to your business! This first time event on Maui begins next week May 12th – 16th out at Makena Golf Resort in Kihei, Maui. This special business educational and networking opportunity has been planned Maui Business Brainstormers who have been filling an unmet need in Maui County with NO COST business education and networking opportunities since 2012.

Two Workshops or Seminars are scheduled each day throughout the week. With this format, anyone interested in a topic can fit at least one session into their schedule. These guys are Brilliant! (#MBB)

Never before have they put together an event like the Maui Small Business Week. Our business community is so fortunate to reap the rewards from this training and camaraderie. MBB cares about event quality and have invited an impressive list of high quality guest speakers. These experts are graciously donating their time and sharing their knowledge with us in hopes that our community can apply the information to our real life business experiences and eventually grow and prosper.

The momentum of planning and preparation continues to build, attracting attendees to collaborate with private organization and local government. It seems like everyone wants to play a part in this historic event!

Growth and prosperity abound.

This is Maui County’s opportunity to network, grow small businesses, create 21st century jobs and increase Hawaii’s global competitiveness.We want to use education to strengthen Maui’s economy and future employment opportunities and also bring some spark and energy into our hearts and minds. We want YOU to play a part this week as well!

How can you get involved? You can sign up for a seminar or workshop scheduled any day of the week but you must RSVP online to reserve a seat. ( Starting Monday, May 12th – May 16th there will be 2 educational sessions each day, one morning and one afternoon session. (FYI: You don’t have to sign up for both classes on the same day.) On Friday a sponsored party will culminate the close of small business week and salute the hard working business owners. ALL attendees are encouraged to celebrate with us.

To complete your online RSVP: If you are a MBB member: Go directly to this link and chose your session dates and times.

If you are not a member you’ll need to make one stop. Go to: Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) Meetup page and sign up for a FREE membership. You’ll have access to this and other events throughout the year. It’s a breeze to sign up. It only requires only email address, password and respond 3 easy questions for your membership profile. Mahalo!  Where: Makena Beach & Golf Resort

 When: May 12th – May16th (Mon – Fri)


 FREE admission   (RSVP is a must) 

 Click here for full class schedule:

  Program Agenda

FYI – All class times differ slightly so be sure to take note. Classes subject to change, check your reservation for current details and other announcements.

We’ll see you there!

About Guest Blogger:

Nicole FisherNicole Fisher is a Social Media Consultant and Trainer at Skywriting by…nico. She is an energetic entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about taking businesses from good to great through various marketing arenas. She has a drive for success that motivates others to get on board with new technology. People say that she has a way of making complicated things, uncomplicated. Her excitement for life on Maui and her small family keeps her engaged, grateful and happy.

You often hear her say “I love my job!” and she proves it daily with her great attitude and a willingness to help EVERYONE!

You can reach her at: or

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Pineapple Found on Our Way To Hana

 Pineapple at Keanae on way to Hana


Pineapple on the way to Hana


Pineapple on the way to Hana


This is my entry to the Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes For Moms. Go there for more!

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RoadRunner Mobile 4G Works For Me


I have been blogging since 2006 and most of the time I do my blogging at home.  This past year, I had felt the need to be more mobile and to be able to blog in other places aside from my house where I can hook my laptop with our wireless connection.  I thought if trying out some of the Hot Spots – coffee shops and restaurants that give out free Wifi.  Problem is there is a catch to that.  It’s just polite to buy something from them when I use their Wifi and it’s polite to not use up the table for hours and hours if I only bought a cup of coffee.  So I still did not get into the habit of blogging outside of our home.

Well, last night I was invited to attend the official launching of the RoadRunner Mobile.  It was held at Mala Restaurant in Wailea. We were given a chance to try out this mobile device using 4G technology and I tell you, I was impressed.  I thought to my self: THIS WORKS FOR ME!

And so sometime this week I will be talking to a RoadRunner Mobile representative on how I can sign up for this service. Now, you might think that this is a paid post.  Not really.  I was not paid to say nice things about RoadRunner Mobile.  To disclose, I was invited to the launching and so with that came free food, free drinks, free entertainment – but that’s it.  No hidden fees to promote their services.

Since I am a blogger, and I love sharing good things about Maui, I thought I’d post some photos during the launching.  It was held at Marriott Wailea with an incredibly beautiful location.  The launching started at 5:30PM which allowed us to view the sunset from Mala’s Lania. Oh so beautiful – here’s one of the many photos I took:


It was a cocktail party and the heavy pupus they served were so “ono”! Delicious to the max! I ate a lot of shirmps, crab cakes, and even oysters! Below are some some of the yummy food they served:





I will share more about the entertainment on the part 2 of this post where I’d show a video clip of Willie K’s performance.  In the meantime, I encourage you to hop on to “We Are That Family” blog to see the many links available there.  Those links will lead you to tips and sharing of what works with bloggers from all over the world. Have fun!

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Maui Sunset







A few words…

I interrupt my bloggy break to share with you this Maui Sunset from yesterday.  I thought I’d use these for  “Wordless Wednesday” post, but I decided that this is also good “Works For Me Wednesday” post.  When life is hectic and it seems like it’s beyond busy, it’s good to “take a break from something thats keeping you busy” and “go enjoy the beauty of nature” – in my case: the sunset. For more  Wordless Wednesday tips, visit Kristen’s blog “We are That Family”.

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