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Food Trucks on Maui


Food Trucks on Maui

I promised the Food Trucks on Maui “fans” an updated list of food trucks.  As much as I wanted to write a nicer post I think I will settle with this list format and will just update this at a later time with more photos and commentaries.  This post is a “work in progress” and I will continually update this so please do check back

I divided the lists into “regions” because our mobile app also does it that way. I know … I need to update the app… will do too. I am not giving up on this … I ma just slooow…

So here is the quick list for now. Please follow our Food Trucks on Maui Facebook Page to get a updated news and photos.

CENTRAL (Kahului-Wailuku) 

There are 3 main locations where #FoodTrucksOnMaui can be found and then there are other places listed too:

I. At the Kahului Beach Road, at the harbor, across the street from the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.  The daily usuals are

1.  Gestes Shrimp 298-7109 – I call this the “grandfather of the foodtrucksonMaui – it’s been very popular with the tourists for a long time. A little pricey for locals but good shrimp plates.  Not as great as the Oahu Shrimp Trucks but still good!

2.  Lau Hee Chicken Hekka 268-4538 – Another older food truck, specializing in Chicken Hekka and Chow Fun.

3.  Dibs Da Ribs  463-8950 – a new food truck, with a variety of choices in their menu but ribs is the main.

4.  Gyros  – 205-0887 popular among local who live and work in the area. Big portions and yummy food.

5.  Ohana Kine Grindz 757-1208 – I was told they are there but I don’t see them when I go there.

There is no eating place here. Just buy the plate lunches and eat in your car or go to the park across the street.

II. At the Maui Swap Meet – this is a Saturday only deal. The usuals are

1. Tru Grindz – cute little hut trailer; friendly service, good grindz!

2. No Ka Oi Shave Ice – nice food truck specializing in Shave Ice and Coffee for the people at the Swap Meet.

3. Maui Girlz Shave Ice -

4. Sumo Dogs – usually parked across from Tru Grindz and No Ka Oi Shave Ice. If you like hotdogs, you must try this.

5. Donut Dynamite – a cute little trailer with a wide variety of donuts, freshly cooked – must try.

6. Aloha Juice Hut -

7. Maui juice Company -

III. The FoodTruck Food Court a little past the road to Costco Gas Station

1) Like Poke?  757-2239

2. Threes Food Truck - 344-2161

3. Slightly Salty -

IV. Other locations:

1. Kalamas Local Grinds 264-4462 – owned by a local family from Hana.  Has a variety of local food (Plate lunches)  in their menu. New Location: 315 Ho’okahi in the Wailuku Industrial Area  across from Saigon Palace

2. Maui Streatery – Kahului

3. Wow wow Waffle and Fresh Lemonade – Kahului

SOUTH (Kihei – Wailea – Makena)

1. Beach Beach BBQ  264-6332 – the way to Makena Beach (you won’t miss it) – This one I highly recommend.

2. Jawz – two trucks, one on the way to Makena Beach, the other one in the entrance. The third truck we don’t know (used to be at Kamaole Parking lot)

3. Bubba’s Gourmet Dog Shack – also at Makena

4. Horhitos Tacos – at the Maui Market Place, across from Kalama Park in Kihei – permanently parked there.

5. Kinaole Grill 280-9048 – across from Kam II at the Ke Alii Alanui rd. Their foodtruck has a great painting – nice and colorful.  Good to try.

6. Surf Dog Coffee Company 856-6033 – nice coffee food truck. Used to park at Kamaole – not sure where they are now.

7. Pura Vida – (808) 419-6673 Authentic Costa Rican Food. Used to be at Kamaole Parking lot. – not sure where they are parked


WESTSIDE (Lahaina, Kaanapali)

The main place for foodtrucks on the Westside right now is at the Kaanapali Train Station (1 Puukoli Rd)

1. Shark Pit – 298-7776 – I had been hearing a lot of great reviews. Must try.

2. Kinaole Grill – their second truck is parked here too.

3. Nobu’s lunch wagon – 669-4118 cute little pink food truck. ☺ – the grandmother of foodtrucks on maui ☺ – Chef Sambrano blogged about it – search Nobu’s Lunch Wagon Chef Sambrano and you’ll find it.

4. 808 Antojitos – authentic Mexican … 280-4025

5. Iron Imu



1. Kula Country Farms – great food truck, great food. They switch to serving on Sundays only

2. Olowalu Fruit Stand – stationary food truck

3. Twin Falls Fruit Stand – stationary food truck

4. Tuk Tuk Thai – 810 Haiku Rd – 808-463-4166

5.  Akamai Coffee – stationary kiosk across from Home Depot

6. Brazilian Food Truck (new)

7. Bowls Maui – not sure where they are now ….

8. Nui’s Thai – upcountry – not sure where they are parked.


TAKE NOTE – aside from the usual locations, these food trucks are mostly found in the Maui Town Parties, called Maui Fridays.

Do you know of any other food trucks not listed here? Please let me know and I’d add them to the list!

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Best Pizza on Maui – Where to Find … (Bucket List)

MonkeyPod Pizza

Aloha, y’all! It’s Jennifer of Island Gypsy Hawaii, again, and I’m stoked to be sharing about my Maui Pizza Bucket List today. Sound like a weird bucket list? Well, hang with me because if you visit the island you’re gonna wanna know where to find some yummy food, right? So this list is for YOU (and me, too, of course) :)

Why a bucket list? Well, because I compiled it by asking my local friends, family and scouring the internet. I’ve been fortunate enough to try out some of these places, but would absolutely LOVE to try them all. Wouldn’t you???

Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza

via Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza was a vote for the entire family. Offering two locations: one on the Westside for all of you Kaanapali folks, and one on the Southside for the Kihei peeps. So, if you’re looking for a kid-friendly environment and quick service this would be a great place to try out.

Monkeypod Kitchen

With local ingredients sourced from Hawaii farms, Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea definitely made my Maui Pizza Bucket List. My local friends said this would be a great date night or adults only pizza night. They even offer a happy hour on their pizzas every night, giving a half-off discount! Now, if you know me, then you know saving money is my love language, and they had me at “half-price”. Make a reservation or simply walk-in. I hope to do so in the near future! (The photo on top of this post is a butternut squash and pine nut pizza from Monkeypod)

The Outrigger Pizza Truck

outrigger pizza

via Outrigger Pizza



The Outrigger Pizza Truck touts the proud statement of having Maui’s first original mobile woodfired pizza oven. They travel the island with their ono pizzas. Find them on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Azeka Plaza in Kihei; on Lahainaluna Road on Mondays and Thursdays; and at Long’s in Kula on Wednesdays. Yum…just thinking about these pizzas is making me hungry!

Flatbread Company

flatbread paia

via Island Gypsy Hawaii

Located on the Northshore of Maui, Flatbread Company is an excellent choice for large groups or couples. My husband and I love the fresh ingredients Flatbread uses to create their works of art, a.k.a. pizza. I highly recommend checking out Flatbread Company in Paia, Hawaii, to satiate your pizza cravings! Their fresh salads are wonderful as well. An added bonus? You just may see good ol’ Willie Nelson or one of the Wilson brothers grabbing a bite to eat there as well, seeing as they just live up the street from the restaurant.

What’s your favorite pizza place in Maui? Which one are you going to try next? Hmm…decisions, decisions. ;)

With mucho aloha,



Aloha, this is Liza “talking”.  The other day I posted on Facebook the question “Best Pizza on Maui, what do you recommend?” and we got  132 replies! Flatbread, Serpico, Shaka Pizza, Pizza Madness and Dollies were mentioned a lot.  We probably will do a  follow p post after Jennifer and I try all these pizza places :)  Here is the link to our Facebook page in case you’re interested to see what the reader’s choice are:. Go to My Own Maui Facebook Page.


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Where To Find Yummy Burgers on Maui


bucket list burgers jennifer poppy


Aloha, y’all, this is Jennifer Poppy of Island Gypsy Hawaii, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share about life here in Maui, Hawaii, again here on Liza’s amazing A Maui Blog.

When you’re enjoying the warm rays of the sun and the cool breezes across the ocean it’s easy to say,

“Today I’ll be happier than a bird with a french fry!”

But what about being happier than a bird with a french fry and an amazing burger with a beautiful view of Maui, to boot? Today I’m going to share something special with you…it’s my personal bucket list for “ono” Maui burgers!

I know that when you’re on vacation (or even staycation for you awesome Maui readers) you want to know where to eat. And what’s better than knowing where to find the BEST Maui burgers? I’ve done my research, y’all, from talking to local friends, asking family and scouring the Internet, and here’s what I found:

Bully’s Burgers

Maui Time has declared Bully’s Burgers the “Best Burger Ever!” Their all natural beef burgers are served up hot and fresh daily, but you’ve gotta be ready to make the trip to get there. From what I hear it is well worth the adventure…and if you’re in Maui, why not go for a little adventure in pursuit of an amazing burger? You’ll find them on Kanaio, which is past the Ulupakalua Winery.

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

teddy's burger

via Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

Several of my friends mentioned Teddy’s in Lahaina, Hawaii, as one of their favorite places to grab a burger. Their motto, “One burger, one customer, one experience,” sounds like an excellent way to run a hamburger business to me. They also seem to have a good kids’ menu, which is always a plus in my book! My mouth is watering just thinking about trying one!

Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

leoda's burger

via Leoda’s

Now I have eaten a burger at Leoda’s before, so I can scratch this one off of my bucket list. However, if you haven’t tried it yet, keep it on your list because it’s ah-mazinggggg!!! Leoda’s is located in Lahaina and is well worth the drive even if you live Upcountry like me. After your burger be sure to make room for dessert or take it with you. My fave is the mac nut chocolate prailine, but really you just can’t go wrong with their desserts.

Fat Girl’s Burger

If you’re up for a little taste of local life, then check out Wailuku’s First Friday. Fat Girl’s Burger will happily serve you a delicious meal, according to my local friends. One of their faves is the Korean Burger. So, go, be adventurous and try it out!

Cool Cats

cool cat burger

via Cool Cat’s

Cool Cats was voted “Best Burger in Maui” for the last ten years. So, yeah, it’s definitely on my bucket list of Maui hamburgers to try. My friends like the fun 50s diner vibe, and of course, the yummy food! It’s located on the wharf, which is fun, too.

Have you tried any of these Maui hamburger joints? I can’t wait to scratch them off my bucket list! 

With mucho aloha,

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Farmers’ Markets on Maui

Maui Farmers Markets Jennifer Poppy1

It’s been said that God made old country roads for driving and for dreaming, and if that’s true then no better old country road exists than the one that takes you to a farmer’s market in Hawaii. If you’re planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii, or just want to know more about the many farmer’s markets on the island, then today is your lucky day! With Maui’s lush landscape, abundant sunshine and tropical rains many diverse fruits and vegetables grow across the land.

I call Upcountry Maui home, so I’m a bit partial to the farmer’s markets in that area, but whether you make it up Haleakala or not you are sure to find one (or two or TEN) open each day. Below is a list of various Maui Farmer’s Markets, divided by regions:

Westside (Lahaina/Kaanapali)

Maui Farmers Market Jennifer Poppy2

My friends on the Westside of Maui highly recommended a visit to Honokawai’s Farmer’s Market, now simply called, “Farmers Market Maui.” The outdoor market is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am-11am. They now also have a new grocery store and deli that stays open every day from 7am-7pm, so you can get your fresh goods and gifts any day of the week. Honokawai’s Farmers Market Maui is located on 3636 Lower Honoapi’ilani Road, Lahaina, Hawaii.

You may also want to check out the Napili Farmer’s Market located in Napili, Hawaii, which is open only on Wednesdays from 8am-11am. It’s located in a parking lot at Honoapiilani Highway and Napilihau Street, Lahaina, Hawaii (near Maui Prep).

South Maui (Kihei/Wailea)

For those of you kickin’ it in Maui’s Southside beaches, you may want to check out the Lipoa Street Farmer’s Market. They’re open every Saturday from 8am-12noon, so swing by and pick you your fresh fruits and veggies then head on out for a fun-filled day at one of Maui’s gorgeous beaches. You’ll find this farmer’s market at 95 Lipoa Street, Kihei, Hawaii.

Central (Kahului)

As you leave the airport to head to your beach hotel, consider stopping by the Maui Tropical Plantation farm stand. They’re open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am-4pm, and offer a variety of fresh produce including, but not limited to the following: apple bananas, pineapples, eggplants, carrots, cabbage, mangoes and salad mix. You’ll find this stand at 1670 Honoapiilani Highway, Wailuku, Hawaii.

Another interesting place to find your farm fresh produce is the local mall…Yup, the Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center (a.k.a. “Queen K”) boasts a unique opportunity to shop for your picnic and a pair of slippahs in one location. My husband bought a beautifully sweet bouquet of purple flowers for me from one of their vendors. The Queen Ka’ahumanu Center is located at 275 W. Ka’ahumanu Avenue, Kahului, Hawaii. It’s open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am-4pm.

The Maui Swap Meet is a must-do on Saturdays. You will find everything under the beautiful Hawaiian sun there, including fresh produce. This event is held at the University of Hawaii campus from 7am-1pm each Saturday.

Northshore (Paia/Haiku)

The La’a Kea Community Farm has a special charm to it, and good hearts to match! It’s open Monday-Saturday from 8:30am-5:30pm. I recently dropped in for an avocado and let me tell you, it was divine! It’s located in Paia at 639 Baldwin Avenue.

Upcountry (Makawao/Pukalani/Kula)

Maui Farmers Market Jennifer Poppy3The very first Maui farmer’s market I ever stopped by was this one: Maui Nui. Kit has always been very helpful with guiding me through which vegetables to pick and how to cook them properly. He and his mom own this beautiful 40-acre farm in Kula, as well as their new food truck with fresh Thai food ready for your enjoyment! They are open Thursday through Sunday from 8am-5pm, and host a special family day the first Sunday of each month.

The “Upcountry Farmer’s Market” every Saturday is quite a trip! I love the fresh foods and the amazing people that find their way here. There are tons of organic veggies and fruits, made in Maui crafts and tropical floral bouquets for all to enjoy! Open 7am-12noon on Saturdays at the Kulamalu Town Center on 55 Kiopa’a Street, Pukalani, Hawaii.

The Makawao Farmer’s Market meets every Wednesday from 10am-5pm at 3654 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, Hawaii. Another great Upcountry Maui farm is Kula Country Farms. Their produce stand is open Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday, 10am-4pm. They’re located right off Kula Highway, a few yards past mile marker 13 (across from Rice Park) in Kula, Hawaii.

East Maui (Hana)

Wanna take a little road trip to get your farm fresh produce? Then gas up the car and head down the famous “Road to Hana” for some yummy homemade treats and freshly grown food! The Ono Organic Farms Market is open every Monday and Thursday, all day. The Hana Fresh Market is open every Monday from 3pm-6pm, and every Thursday from 11am-3pm.

Maui Farmers Market Jennifer Poppy4

There are many, many fresh produce stands across the island. I encourage to do your research and if you want to buy organic, then all the more reason to research before you buy. You will love the amazingly delicious fruits and veggies that grow on this island, but you will love the people you meet at the farmer’s markets even more. This is one special place!

With mucho aloha,


Jennifer of Island Gypsy Hawaii


About the Guest Blogger: Jennifer Poppy was born & raised in Texas but has always been an island girl at heart. After moving to Maui in 2012 her lifelong dream of living in Hawaii came true! She sees beauty in the ordinary and has a passion for turning trash into treasure. Follow her Hawaii adventures, upcycling projects and lifestyle photography at

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