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Still A Maui Blogger


In case you are wondering if ever I am going to blog again here on A Maui Blog … the answer is yes. How often? The answer is I am not sure. The good news is that I really didn’t stop blogging, nor have  my love for blogging waned.  I guess it’s just that my life is changing, my purpose and my passion is shifting a bit.

If you didn’t already know, I am now the Interactive Media Director at Wailea Realty.  I started with them in May of 2014. I am happy to say that I am still enjoying my work there.  And that’s where I am blogging! The fun thing is I get to blog about Maui as part of my work! The name of our company blog is Maui Blog.  It’s doing well. We started this Candid Answers series about Maui and I think you’d have fun reading it.

So you see, I still am a blogger, just not so much here on A Maui Blog.

Does this mean I will now close down my blog? No! On the contrary I am inspired to continue, in a slightly different direction.  I am hoping for more community collaboration….

This week I will have a guest blogger and I am very excited about it. She’ll be talking about gift suggestions for Valentines Day on Maui and beyond …

… ’till next time … a hui hou!

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Wailea Restaurant Week – May 25-31, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.46.18 PM

Photo from

Thinking of where to eat for a special dinner? Have you heard about the “Wailea Restaurant Week?”

This week  Wailea Restaurants are joining together to help end hunger on Maui by supporting the Maui Food Bank with an event called Wailea Restaurant Week. This community supported event showcases all the amazing cuisine that Wailea chefs have to offer at extremely reasonable prices. Prix fixe 3 or more course dinners are set at $29, $39 and $49 options. 

Some of the agents in our Wailea Realty office frequent Duo and Spago located at the Four Seasons and rave about the food so they are definitely on my list to experience. I know I better make early reservations for these heavy weights.

Recently I had the pleasurable opportunity to eat twice at the New Matteo’s located at the Wailea Town Center and was delighted with their Fish Sandwich,their tasteful and  inventively seasoned pasta dishes with a side of mixed green salad , we all know their pizza is undeniably delicious.

Matteo Front Pic

Longhi’s has been a long time favorite of mine with their amazing lobster salad priced at just $19 and they are on the list for this special event. 

photo 1
Also next door is Tommy Bahamas  which we all frequent, in our office, for their great value  happy hour that goes from 2-5pm. Not only convenient but great food and drink specials delivered with a smile from their friendly waitstaff. 
photo (5)
This event started on Sunday May 25th at 5pm and continues until the May 31st.
Please support these wonderful restaurants to help Maui community efforts to end hunger and get yourself an incredible meal at the same time. 

23 Wailea Resort restaurants are participating:

Alan Wong’s Amasia (Grand Wailea) (808) 891-3954
Capische?* (Hotel Wailea)
(808) 879-2224
DUO Steak and Seafood* (Four Seasons)
(808) 874-8000
 Fabiani’s Wailea (Wailea Gateway Center)
(808) 874-1234
Gannon’s* (Wailea Gold & Emerald Course)
(808) 875-8080
Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Grand Wailea)
(800) 888-6100
Joe’s in Wailea* (Wailea Tennis Club)
(808) 875-7767
Ka’ana Kitchen (Andaz Maui at Wailea)
(808) 573-1234
KAI Wailea* (The Shops at Wailea)
(808) 875-1955
Kō* (Fairmont Kea Lani)
(808) 875-2210
Longhi’s* (The Shops at Wailea)
(808) 891-8883
Mala Wailea* (Wailea Marriott)
(808) 875-9394
Manoli’s Pizza Company (Wailea Blue Course) (808) 874-7499
Matteo’s Osteria (Wailea Town Center) (808) 891-8466
Migrant Maui (Wailea Marriott)
(808) 875-9394
Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman* (Wailea Gateway Center)
(808) 891-2322
Morimoto Maui (Andaz)
(808) 573-1234
Mulligan’s on the Blue* (Wailea Blue Course)
(808) 874-1131
Nick’s Fishmarket Maui* (Fairmont Kea Lani)
(808) 879-7224
Pita Paradise Bistro Wailea (Wailea Gateway Center)
(808) 879-7177
Ruth’s Chris Steak House* (The Shops at Wailea)
(808) 874-8880
Spago* (Four Seasons) (808) 879-2999
Tommy Bahamas* (The Shops at Wailea) (808) 875-9983
Menus are listed here:
Join the buzz of good food and good feelings as we will eat and feel merry together. Mahalo.
Reggie Audant is a Realtor Broker with Wailea Realty Corporation. With 26 years on Maui and 14 of these years as a successful Realtor, Reggie has helped hundreds of satisfied clients buy and sell their properties on Maui by using his intimate knowledge of the local Real Estate Market.    Visit his website at
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Maui Small Business Week… May 12 to16 at Makena Beach Resort

Welcome to Maui Small Business Week!

Everyone is welcome to join us for Maui Small Business Week to learn and apply something new to your business! This first time event on Maui begins next week May 12th – 16th out at Makena Golf Resort in Kihei, Maui. This special business educational and networking opportunity has been planned Maui Business Brainstormers who have been filling an unmet need in Maui County with NO COST business education and networking opportunities since 2012.

Two Workshops or Seminars are scheduled each day throughout the week. With this format, anyone interested in a topic can fit at least one session into their schedule. These guys are Brilliant! (#MBB)

Never before have they put together an event like the Maui Small Business Week. Our business community is so fortunate to reap the rewards from this training and camaraderie. MBB cares about event quality and have invited an impressive list of high quality guest speakers. These experts are graciously donating their time and sharing their knowledge with us in hopes that our community can apply the information to our real life business experiences and eventually grow and prosper.

The momentum of planning and preparation continues to build, attracting attendees to collaborate with private organization and local government. It seems like everyone wants to play a part in this historic event!

Growth and prosperity abound.

This is Maui County’s opportunity to network, grow small businesses, create 21st century jobs and increase Hawaii’s global competitiveness.We want to use education to strengthen Maui’s economy and future employment opportunities and also bring some spark and energy into our hearts and minds. We want YOU to play a part this week as well!

How can you get involved? You can sign up for a seminar or workshop scheduled any day of the week but you must RSVP online to reserve a seat. ( Starting Monday, May 12th – May 16th there will be 2 educational sessions each day, one morning and one afternoon session. (FYI: You don’t have to sign up for both classes on the same day.) On Friday a sponsored party will culminate the close of small business week and salute the hard working business owners. ALL attendees are encouraged to celebrate with us.

To complete your online RSVP: If you are a MBB member: Go directly to this link and chose your session dates and times.

If you are not a member you’ll need to make one stop. Go to: Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) Meetup page and sign up for a FREE membership. You’ll have access to this and other events throughout the year. It’s a breeze to sign up. It only requires only email address, password and respond 3 easy questions for your membership profile. Mahalo!  Where: Makena Beach & Golf Resort

 When: May 12th – May16th (Mon – Fri)


 FREE admission   (RSVP is a must) 

 Click here for full class schedule:

  Program Agenda

FYI – All class times differ slightly so be sure to take note. Classes subject to change, check your reservation for current details and other announcements.

We’ll see you there!

About Guest Blogger:

Nicole FisherNicole Fisher is a Social Media Consultant and Trainer at Skywriting by…nico. She is an energetic entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about taking businesses from good to great through various marketing arenas. She has a drive for success that motivates others to get on board with new technology. People say that she has a way of making complicated things, uncomplicated. Her excitement for life on Maui and her small family keeps her engaged, grateful and happy.

You often hear her say “I love my job!” and she proves it daily with her great attitude and a willingness to help EVERYONE!

You can reach her at: or

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Remember the Famous AZEKA RIBS on Maui?


Remember the famous Azeka Ribs in Maui? I do. I came to Maui in 1994 and remember how my husband used to host a “Rib Fest” and we would buy tons of Azeka Ribs and hold a pot luck. Everyone loves Azeka Ribs! It’s so deliciously yummy!  Bryan reached out to me a several weeks ago and told me about his project of making Azeka Ribs sauce available again.  I told him he can be a guest blogger here at A Maui and so here  is his post!:

In September 2006, the famous Azekaí’s Ribs & Snack Shop in Kihei, Maui closed. During their 56 year run the Azeka’s were known for many Hawaiian delicacies; however, the Azeka’s became famous for their Hawaiian-style ribs. Fondly known as Azekaís Sweet Meat, Azeka’s Ribs were enjoyed by both locals and travelers alike. Now, I am bringing back the secret family recipe for people to once again enjoy those Sweet Maui Memories no matter their location.

Recreation - Azeka Maui

Bill Azeka and Azekaís Ribs

It all started with my great uncle, Bill Azeka, who was the original creator of the Azekaís secret sauce. Uncle Bill was born on Maui in 1921, but was raised by his grandmother, Miyono, in the town of Fukuoka, Japan. During his younger years Uncle Bill spent much of his time helping run a small family owned grocery store in the country side. Some of Uncle Billís greatest lessons learned were that perseverance keeps a business strong, providing great customer service is essential, and enticing customers with new products keeps them interested. When Uncle Bill moved back to Maui at the age of 16, he took various jobs on the island including cooking at his parentís Aloha Restaurant, working as a watermelon farmer in Kaanapali, working in the sugar cane fields, and as a chicken farmer in Kihei. With each job Uncle Bill had, he practiced and perfected the valuable lessons he learned from his grandmother.

When Uncle Bill opened his first grocery store in 1950, he stocked it with necessities for the weekend fishermen, ranchers and local families who were located on the beautiful south shore beaches. Eventually, the property was built to what is currently the well-known Azeka’s Place in the heart of Kihei. Within the grocery store he sold the marinated beef-ribs ready to go in 5 pound bags. This way locals and tourists could enjoy Azeka’s Ribs on the beach, at home, or back in their condos.

Azeka Snack Shop


Azeka’s Ribs and Snack Shop, Kihei, Maui

For years, Azeka’s Ribs grew in popularity which meant that Uncle Bill needed a better way to supply his large fan base. Thatís when, in 1994, the Azekaís opened the Azekaís Ribs and Snack Shop. Located next to the Ace Hardware in Kihei, this classic Hawaiian snack shop treated people to some of the best Maui food favorites on the island. The Azeka’s served the tastiest chicken katsu, lomi salmon, loco moco, and beef teriyaki plates on Maui. However, the Azekaís Ribs remained the most popular item on the menu by far. Average sales for the Azeka’s Ribs were as much as 2,000 pounds per day. The ribs themselves were made from the finest grain-fed beef and the freshest local ingredients. As Maui grew into a world-class destination for travelers, the Azekaís Ribs fan base grew internationally. Patrons would order for the ribs from all over Canada, the U.S. Mainland, and Japan as well. Sadly, in June of 2000, Uncle Bill passed away at the age of 79. While the Azeka’s Ribs and Snack Shop continued on until 2006 with the help of family members, patrons always remembered the generosity that Uncle Bill showed towards them and the community of Maui. Uncle Bill was grateful to have had the chance to live out the entrepreneurial values he learned from his grandmother in Japan.

Azeka’s Sauce Comeback and Revival

Since closing, people from all over the world have been scouring the internet in search of this beloved Maui food staple; some even attempting to recreate the flavor that they grew to love. This essential destination for island visitors has only turned into disappointment as they see it is gone. This recipe was near and dear to the hearts of Maui locals and visitors alike. Now, nearly a decade later I am ready to once again provide everyone with the sweet Maui memories of past times.

I was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona and despite the distance remained close to his Maui roots. Spending his summers on Maui with his aunts, uncles, and cousins, I eventually learned the secret recipe as it has stayed a trade secret throughout the years. Similar to Uncle Bill, I also learned his entrepreneurial values through helping family businesses. My mother, Rhonda Azeka, successfully ran an event planning business for over 26 years. It grew to be one of the most successful event planning businesses in the greater Phoenix area.

Azeka Ribs Maui

The Chance Meeting

It wasnít until a chance meeting in the spring of 2013 that would help me realize that people still miss the Azeka’s treasured secret sauce. While I was attending college, I was on my way to see a new professor for some advice about a project he was working on. During this meeting the professor recognized my heritage having spent many of his earlier years traveling the world. He spoke to me about his familyís love for the old Azeka’s recipes and that he himself missed the Azekaís Ribs the most. Later that week I surprised the professor by whipping up a batch of Azeka’s Sauce to enjoy.

After this meeting, I took to the internet to research who else still wanted his familyís secret sauce. I discovered that there were many people waiting for the revival of the Azekaís Sauce recipe. Some even resorted to making and sharing mock-recipes to try and relive the flavors they experienced in the past on Maui. After seeing this I decided to take action, creating small batches and giving them to local friends and family. As the popularity rapidly grew I realized that this essential Hawaiian flavor needed to be shared on a larger scale than just local farmers markets and grocery stores.


Azeka’s Sauce Revival and

Today, I am the owner of Sweet Maui Memories, Inc. located in Gilbert, Arizona. I make and sell Azeka’s Sauce locally. My goal is to share the delicious Azeka’s Sauce with past fans as well as future Hawaiian barbecue lovers. Reaching out to the internet once again, I will utilize the website to help launch Azekaís Sauce.

DSC_0025On April 19, 2014, I  launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the much-loved flavor that millions experienced for over 50 years on Maui, Hawaii. Anyone that would like to try the sauce can simply go to and support the campaign. The campaign will last for a little over a month from the start date. Please help make the Azeka’s Sauce campaign successful so Hawaiian barbecue sauce lovers can be reconnected with this great product. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over, please see for all of your future Azeka’s Sauce needs. Enjoy the Azeka’s Sauce!


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