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#PeaceLoveHaiku – The 21st Annual Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival – April 12, 2014


With a hashtag like #PeaceLoveHaiku you just know that the 21st Annual Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival is going to be amazing! You may be asking yourself, is this just a place for flower lovers? Is this like the Rose Bowl with a bunch of floats covered in flowers? The short answer: Nope! The long answer: This free festival is for everyone, local residents and tourists alike. The added bonus: this event helps the keiki of Haiku with the proceeds going to Haiku Elementary School, the Haiku Boys & Girls Club, and the Haiku Community Association.


If you’re planning on being in Maui on Saturday, April 12, 2014, take the drive to Haiku, Hawaii, on the North Shore of Maui, for an event you are sure to never forget!

10 Reasons to Go to the Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival:

Note: This list is in no particular order…I find them all equally amazing!

1. Yummy Food. This festival is a spot for foodies, no doubt. “Restaurant Row” features local Maui restaurants, caterers & food trucks, so you can try some of the best cuisine Maui has to offer, all in one location! Just to name a few of this year’s restaurant row businesses: Mana Foods, Flatbread in Paia and Life Foods Inc., all 100% donors to the festival (i.e. all funds will go back to the keiki in Haiku). In addition, Haiku School PTA provides ono grinds in Kau Kau Row. And there are plenty of delicious baked goods in the Famous Haiku School Bake Sale!


2. Fun People. With over 7,000 attendees each year, you are sure to meet some fun, interesting people from all over the world!


3. Live Entertainment. From live music to dance and acrobatic performers, you are sure to enjoy the great entertainment lineup including Divino and the Maui Ohana Band, Maui Underground and more!


4. Help Keiki. As mentioned before, the proceeds for the festival go to help the kids of Haiku Elementary, Haiku Boys & Girls Club, as well as the Haiku Community Association. It doesn’t get much better than helping keiki.

5. Maui Farmers. Love farm fresh veggies? Flowers? Plants? Then come shake a Maui farmer’s hand and take home some Hawaii-grown produce for yourself.

6. Keiki Zone. This festival is fun for the whole family! The kids will have a blast playing carnival games, jumping in the bounce houses, face painting, getting their hair done in our Haiku hair booth, playing Mauisaurus Mini Golf, and kids’ entertainment at the Keiki Stage, just to name a few activities. And don’t forget to bring the swimsuits and towels – there will be water bouncers and a dunk tank, too!

Haiku Festival_Joyce_Chin

7. Unique Auction. From local artists’ pieces to amazing baskets filled with items to upcycled art like a surfboard turned mosaic outdoor shower, this silent auction is one of the most unique ones on the island. Come see what you can find!

8. Green Awareness. The festival continues to make a concerted effort in being greener. In fact, you are encouraged to bring your own water bottle for refills, plates and utensils for food, and your own shopping bag to eliminate even more waste. Living on a tiny island, being green is key.



9. Book Swap. Get a head start on your Spring cleaning by decluttering some of your unwanted books. The Haiku Elementary Library hosts a Book Swap where you get one book buck for every ten books donated. Stock up on new-to-you books and support the school library. While you’re at it, you’ll get to meet Holly Gates, the school librarian. Read more here.

10. Made in Hawaii. Meet local artists, crafters and vendors in the Crafters Marketplace, then take home a unique Made in Hawaii craft for yourself!

I’ll be taking photos at the festival this year and would love to see you there as well! If you live on Maui and would like to volunteer for the festival, you may sign up online here. If you are a Made in Hawaii crafter, local business or non-profit, farmer, restaurant, etc. to get in the festival brochure please apply online by March 12 (sorry, I uploaded this past the deadline :( – Liza). You may register a booth after the deadline, however, your name won’t make the brochure. For more information on this fun, free event contact Co-Chair Jennifer Oberg at or visit #PeaceLoveHaiku

With mucho aloha,
Jennifer Poppy

Note: A special “mahalo” to the 2013 festival photographers: Sean M. Hower, Peter Liu and Joyce Chin.

Jennifer of Island Gypsy HawaiiAbout the Guest Blogger: Jennifer Poppy was born & raised in Texas but has always been an island girl at heart. After moving to Maui in 2012 her lifelong dream of living in Hawaii came true! She sees beauty in the ordinary and has a passion for turning trash into treasure. Follow her Hawaii adventures, upcycling projects and lifestyle photography at

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The Color Run Maui 2014 Was A Blast!

Happiest 5K

Photo credit: Bridgett Parker

The Color Run Maui 2014 –  it was a blast!  The Color Run is also known as the Happiest 5k, and I would say it truly is.

I first heard about it when they held the the first ever Color Run on Hawaii on Oahu. I wanted so much to join but it was cost prohibitive since aside from the race fee I would have to buy a round trip airline ticket.  Back them I stated messaging the Color Run requesting for them to come to Maui. I was so excited when first saw their announcement that they are coming to Maui!  I has a feeling it will be a sold out event, and it was!

I can go on and on about the excitement of the anticipation of this fun event and how festive it was when it was finally time for us to pick up the race packets. But let’s move to the day of the event itself.  My daughter, and friend and I arrived at the UH-Maui Parking lot at 5:30 am! We wanted to secure a parking lot close to the  race start and finish so we made it a point to get there early. And sure enough there were already a lot of people by the arrive. The festive atmosphere is in the air. I was glad to see many friends there, like my friend Lisa who nicely remind me not to post her photo on Facebook :) . I also saw friends from work, like Mitch Tempo and his family. It was the place to be!

Color Run Maui 2014 - Blue

The race started promptly at 7am. Thousands of people were there. I heard the total color runners count was 7,000. Seven thousand runner – wow, that is a lot!  At the end of this post you will see a video I embedded taken during this event and you’ll get a sense of how big this was.

The first color blast station was BLUE.  We ended looking like surf after that.  Well, not quite.  It depends on how much you really wanted to have the colors in you. Some had more, some had less. It was quite a treat going through the blue dusts, it being the first of the 4 color stations to go through.

Color Run Maui 2014 - Yellow

The second color blast is YELLOW. I was hoping to get a lot of colors on the white rose headband I was wearing but it didn’t. I should have wet the headband earlier I was told. But anyway, it was fun going through the yellow dust as well.  After the yellow station was the water station.  The water cups were so colorful and music was blasting in the background.

Color Run Maui 2014 - Purple

Next blast was PURPLE.  Since purple is one of my favorite colors, I hang in there for a little while.  We saw several professional photographers taking photos at the purple station and this morning . At the purple station I ran into my friend Angela, and John & Megan. Needless to say here were a lot of  “taking photos and posting on Instagram going on” – selfies, groupies,  many are taking go pros video as well.

Color Run Maui 2014 - Pink

After purple comes PINK!  I was a little late coming in the pink station as I stayed longer in purple. By the time I went on pink, they were short of the pink dust and were squirting pink liquid goos. Yep, I got the goo.  It was at pink that I noticed the many multi-colored tutus in the race. Lots of them and they are  beautiful to look at.

The Color Run Maui 2014 - Finish

And finally, the finish line.  Oh the rainbow … yes those were inflatable rainbows but nevertheless pretty fun to go through. The colorful confetti added even more colors to the already colored filled atmosphere.

Color Run Maui 2014 - Photos Collage 2

This Color Run Maui event is no ordinary 5K.  It really is more for fun than for physical fitness but it can a good start to a physical fitness regime as well.  As one of the posts I read from a Color Runner, he said he probably wouldn’t have run any 5K had it not been for The Maui Color Run.  I truly hope they do it again next year. I am pretty sure they will sell out even if they double the numbers of participants.  Before I forget, I would like to say thank you to all the Sponsors and Volunteers. This was a huge undertaking and wouldn’t have been possible without sponsors and volunteers.

Color Run Maui 2014 - Photo Collage 1

As I mentioned earlier, this Color Run Maui is really a fun run for family and friends and I am glad I was able to share with “crazy” moments with my daughter Noelle and with friends too.

Now for the action packed video, watch this by EpiCapture Productions. (note: the embedded video is on a playlist so you’d see some great underwater shots too after the Color Run Maui :) )

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Ten Reasons to Visit Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui

Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui provides care for rescued animals, humane education to the community, and a model of compassionate living. Today we have a guest blogger, Barry Sultanoff, who will share with us ten (10) great reasons to visit LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY:

1. Honk–if you love geese!

Vern, the Chinese Goose, is eagerly awaiting your presence – up close and personal. If you have never embraced a goose, this can be your chance.

Vern and his sister Verna are King and Queen of the duck-and-goose yard at LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY and they announce this fact jubilantly. You will hear their “Model-T-Ford” honking voices as you begin your tour. And you’ll also meet Pete, a Swedish Blue duck. With just one foot, he has a comical gait, but holds his own among his mates.

Goose at Leilani Farm Santuary of Maui


2. The hares and the tortoises

As the fable goes, the tortoise outwits the hare by practicing “Slow and steady wins the race!” At LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY, the rabbits and tortoises don’t compete, they cooperate. See the maze of tunnels that the rabbits have dug–and that the African Tortoises love to play in.

Tortoise at Leilani Farm Sanctuary on Maui


3. Holding the chicken

At LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY, we love to say, “Just hold the chicken!” (like Jack Nicholson did in the film “Five Easy Pieces.”) Chickens are cuddly and soft; and you will have the chance to cuddle Akachan, Avi, Kenny, or one of the other friendly hens and roosters–hands on!

holding the chickens at Leilani Farm Sanctuary on Maui

4.  An Upcountry Slice of Paradise

LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY is a delicious Haiku getaway from the intense activity of Kihei, Kahului, or Lahaina. You will meander some of the 8 acres on which the animals live and thrive, comprised of gently rolling hills and expansive ocean vistas. You will taste a slice of Upcountry Maui paradise!

5. School without walls

At LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY you will learn about the land itself and the 12 species of animals who live there. This will be a fun, low-key education–in how to walk gently upon the earth, in harmony with all life.

6.  Hoofin’ it!

Your visit will about an hour of gentle exercise, as you visit all the animals, including our charming and playful goats. As our bumper sticker says, “My Kid is a Goat!”. You can even take one home if you like (Not a goat, a bumper sticker!  :-)

Goat at Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui

7.  Taking Care of the Earth

At the end of your tour, you’ll receive reading materials that can help you shift your diet toward a more plant-based style of eating. Changing your diet can be one of the most powerful choices you can make in support of the well-being of Planet Earth. You and your family will become a lot healthier, too.


8. The “Brays” have it!

LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY is named after the Sanctuary’s first resident donkey, Leilani. On your tour, you will meet the two personable donkeys who currently reside here–Lehua, who loves to be kissed; and Jenny, who loves to be hugged. Scrumptious encounters!

Donkeys at Leilani Farm Sanctuary Maui

9.  George, the potbelly pig

George arrived at LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY grossly overweight from being fed restaurant garbage for many years. After several months on a weight-loss diet, George’s health has improved and he now lives happily in his artfully hand-painted house. You will also meet Kea and Berney, the Sanctuary’s other two engaging porcines.


10.  Treasured images to take home

Laurelee Blanchard, your tour guide and founder of LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY, is an award-winning photographer who will capture some unforgettable moments of you and the animals. You may want to bring your own camera, too, as the Sanctuary offers a myriad of unique subjects to photograph.

We here at LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY invite you to come experience the magic!

Visit their website:

Contact them via Email:

Connect with them on their Facebook Page: 

Be a volunteer:

My friend David Raatz is volunteering on Martin Luther Kings Day, January 30th and he is inviting you to join them!



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Joy To The World and Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: Marilyn of @MauiFarmTours

Photo Credit: Marilyn of @MauiFarmTours (photo linked)

How was your Christmas 2013? For me it was wonderful.  On the eve of Christmas I posted this musing and after I hit the publish and share button, I had doubts.  Maybe it’s too personal and I shouldn’t have shared it on this blog.  Maybe it’s too melancholic for Christmas.  After musing back and forth I decided it was a good thing. It’s a good thing to be authentic even though it will make me more vulnerable. It is good to be personal on this blog because that is what sets this apart from other blogs that promote Maui.  I am not here to promote Maui, I am here to talk story about life on Maui, and most likely that will be my life that I am talking about.
While browsing through my Facebook stream, I saw this link to Brene Brown’s post The Magic Is In The Mess that validated my previous post.  I was not just me that feel that way on Christmas Eve.  Joy and peace abounded even more.
And talk about joy and peace.  On Christmas Eve our refrigerator died!  Our family plan of going to the beach and enjoying Maui was changed. We ended up gathering coolers, buying ice, calling repair man, etc. etc. On the upside, we realized how much food we have on the refrigerator and how blessed we are that way, on the downside, it will take probably two weeks for the parts needed to arrive to Maui so we will be a house with no refrigerator for two weeks! Because we are so accustomed to having a refrigerator, this is not going to be easy.  One option is to buy a new one, but this one we have is only 3 years old. We shouldn’t be buying  a new one (not to mention that will be an expensive buy and it’s not in the budget!).
The interesting thing is that that throughout this ordeal, I was very peaceful and joyful even.  We could have had a different reaction of being anxious, bummed or upset about this, but we took it in stride.   We did the best we can to stuff everything in coolers and off we went to a Christmas Eve Service at Hope Chapel.  I sat throughout the service with peace and joy.  And that is wonderful.
Hubby dear posted something about the death of our refrigerator on Facebook. Lo and behold, one of our friends, Kim of KLC commented saying they have an extra refrigerator in their garage that we can borrow!  How cool it that? Very cool in my opinion. What are the chances of having friends with someone who has an extra refrigerator for us to use for two weeks? Slim. And so I take this as a little Christmas miracle.
Now that Christmas 2013 is over, I look forward to Christmas 2014. In the meantime, I also look forward to a brand new year.  Are you excited about the coming new year? I am. I am very excited!
Tomorrow I will be sharing something exciting. It will give you a chance to win $50,000 dollars. And I am not kidding. It’s for real.  So stay tuned!  A hui you!

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