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How And Why I Blog on Maui


 Photo via Darren Rowse’s FB Page:

MAUI – just the mention of this place stirs a lot of emotion to many. Some longs to come back, some dreams to visit, some desires to move to, and some reminisce the wonderful memories they had on this paradise.

THANKFUL – that’s how I feel when I think of Maui. Thankful that I live here, in this beautiful place many call paradise.

SHARING – that’s what I hope to accomplish. I want to share the blessing. Through blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, my desire to to share Maui in my own little way.

GENUINE CARE – that’s what sets this blog apart.  As you can see, this blog is not well organized and I am not as tech savy as I  hope to be.  But that’s ok.  I am here to share and that’s what I am doing.

I have been busy with many projects and juggling many roles I have: wife, mom, employee, consultant, volunteer, friend, etc. so this blog is a bit neglected.  One solution I found is to seek the help of like minded individuals and so glad I found some, one of them is Jennifer.  The couple of posts will be from my friend  Jennifer of Island Gypsy Hawaii.  She will be “talking story” about  where to find great and yummy burgers and delicious pizzas  on Maui.  The posts are ready and will be live later tomorrow (Tuesday) and (Wednesday). I am so excited to share them with you!

It’s Presidents Day today – it’s a Holiday in the US. I am enjoying my day and I hope you are too!


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Wailuku First Friday 2014 starts this Friday!

Wailuku First Friday January 2014

Are you ready for the first Friday Town Party of 2014?  If you are still undecided, I encourage you to make the decision to come. Wailuku First Friday is on January 3rd and the organizers have put together a great program for the community to enjoy! As with all the previous #WailukuFF town parties, this Friday is filled with lots of family fun activities, ono grinds and top notch entertainment for all ages!

Wailuku First Friday is a free community street party, held from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., with Market Street closed to vehicular traffic from 5:30 p.m.  The event is held on the Main to Vineyard block of Market Street and all are welcome.   GPS address: Maui Thing, 7 North Market Street, which takes you to the heart of the event.

What’s on for this month’s celebration?


Photo Source:

Island Rock Hoppin’ Tour-Maui kicks off  peace in collaboration with the World Peace Plan project and a performance by the Push-O-Verse at the Maui Thing Stage on January 3 at Wailuku First Friday. To support peace and to help others, Donovan Yonamine of the Push-O-Verse also has coordinated a clothing drive for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Maui County and also invited the kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui to sing their hearts out for this peace effort.  Also performing is the Freedom’s Progress band to open the event.  If The Shoe Fits also continues to collect shoes for this worthy cause.

Here is the  outline of this Friday’s program:

Push-O-Verse Maui Thing Stage, 7:30  pm

Freedom’s Progress , Maui Thing Stage, 6:15  pm

Boys and Girls Club kids,  Maui Thing Stage 7:15 pm

Joel Katz Wailuku First Friday

Joel Katz, Hawaiian Steel Guitar, 33 N. Market St. 6:00 pm

I Want Candy

I Want Candy, Wailuku Banyan Tree Park, 7:30  pm

Brenton Keith

Brenton Keith and His Bag of Tricks, Street Magic 6:00 pm

Hawaiian Music live music at Beer and Wine Garden, 5:30 pm

More activities during the party to check out:

Gently used clothes and good, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Drive courtesy of Push-O-Verse at If the Shoe Fits

WiFi Wailuku, Small Town Big WiFi Project, kick off, #WailukuFirst

“The Apartment” starring Jack Lemon and Shirley MacClaine, Iao Theater, Maui On Stage performance, Free, 8:00 pm

Free costume hat from  Honey A Sweet Boutique or First Friday, purchases over $75

Free yoga followed by free refreshments, Body Alive Yoga, Main Street 4:45

12,000 pairs of shoes for Big Brothers Big Sisters, donations accepted at If the Shoe Fits

View First Friday live on WWW.WAILUKUCAM.COM courtesy of Kamaaina Loans

Wailuku First Friday 2014

More about Wailuku First Fridays:

Vendors, merchants and entertainers are reminded that Market Street closes at 5:30 p.m. For the safety of all participants, everyone’s kokua is appreciated. Signage will remind the public that no cars will be allowed on Market Street during the event: Cars left parked on the street during the event will be ticketed. Maui Medical Group offers free parking during Wailuku First Friday at the facility’s lot, located near the Main/High Street intersection. The Vineyard Street parking exit will close at 9 p.m.; patrons can exit the lot onto Main Street after 9 p.m.

The Wailuku First Friday event showcases Maui’s artisans, handmade crafters and food vendors. A fee of $100 for food vendors with State health permit will be assessed each accepted vendor; fee is $50 for table space for non-food vendors and $25 for informational non-profits. For vendor information and reservations, contact vendor coordinator Alan Takitani at 281-2801. A copy of vendor’s General Excise Tax license, health permit (for food vendors) and additional insured will be required.

Wailuku First Friday is a Community Street Party and is generously sponsored by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, County of Maui, Tri-Isle RC&D, Inc., Sae Design, Maui Thing, Maui Redevelopment Agency, KPOA 93.5 FM, KAOI Group, KONI, First Hawaiian Bank, American Savings Bank, Kama‘aina Properties, Inc., Wailuku Community Association, Maui Time, IBEW Local 1186, Hawaii Carpenters Union-Maui, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, If the Shoe Fits, Connec, LLC.

Also check out Maui Friday Town Parties at for information on the County of Maui’s Office of Economic Development program. Friday Town Parties are celebrated every week, every month!

For more information on Wailuku First Friday, contact Yuki Lei Sugimura via email at Become a fan on Facebook at “Wailuku First Friday” to keep up with what’s happening!

If you are visiting Maui and is not familiar with Wailuku First Friday, here is a video for you to watch to know more about it:

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Joy To The World and Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: Marilyn of @MauiFarmTours

Photo Credit: Marilyn of @MauiFarmTours (photo linked)

How was your Christmas 2013? For me it was wonderful.  On the eve of Christmas I posted this musing and after I hit the publish and share button, I had doubts.  Maybe it’s too personal and I shouldn’t have shared it on this blog.  Maybe it’s too melancholic for Christmas.  After musing back and forth I decided it was a good thing. It’s a good thing to be authentic even though it will make me more vulnerable. It is good to be personal on this blog because that is what sets this apart from other blogs that promote Maui.  I am not here to promote Maui, I am here to talk story about life on Maui, and most likely that will be my life that I am talking about.
While browsing through my Facebook stream, I saw this link to Brene Brown’s post The Magic Is In The Mess that validated my previous post.  I was not just me that feel that way on Christmas Eve.  Joy and peace abounded even more.
And talk about joy and peace.  On Christmas Eve our refrigerator died!  Our family plan of going to the beach and enjoying Maui was changed. We ended up gathering coolers, buying ice, calling repair man, etc. etc. On the upside, we realized how much food we have on the refrigerator and how blessed we are that way, on the downside, it will take probably two weeks for the parts needed to arrive to Maui so we will be a house with no refrigerator for two weeks! Because we are so accustomed to having a refrigerator, this is not going to be easy.  One option is to buy a new one, but this one we have is only 3 years old. We shouldn’t be buying  a new one (not to mention that will be an expensive buy and it’s not in the budget!).
The interesting thing is that that throughout this ordeal, I was very peaceful and joyful even.  We could have had a different reaction of being anxious, bummed or upset about this, but we took it in stride.   We did the best we can to stuff everything in coolers and off we went to a Christmas Eve Service at Hope Chapel.  I sat throughout the service with peace and joy.  And that is wonderful.
Hubby dear posted something about the death of our refrigerator on Facebook. Lo and behold, one of our friends, Kim of KLC commented saying they have an extra refrigerator in their garage that we can borrow!  How cool it that? Very cool in my opinion. What are the chances of having friends with someone who has an extra refrigerator for us to use for two weeks? Slim. And so I take this as a little Christmas miracle.
Now that Christmas 2013 is over, I look forward to Christmas 2014. In the meantime, I also look forward to a brand new year.  Are you excited about the coming new year? I am. I am very excited!
Tomorrow I will be sharing something exciting. It will give you a chance to win $50,000 dollars. And I am not kidding. It’s for real.  So stay tuned!  A hui you!

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Offering Possible Solutions to your #HolidayProblems


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Seven days before Christmas? By the time you read this it might even be less. How are you doing? For me, I am half stressed and half not. The stress comes in part due to the fact that I want to do so many things and but I don’t have the time (and often time the resources) to do all the things I want to so. However, I have shared about this already on my #HolidayProblems post here, so this time I want to talk more about some of the general problems we all have on Holidays and the possible the cure to all or some. Let me warn you that the list will be random and the solutions may not be what you would expect or hope for:

1. Holiday Problem #1: No money to spend on making the holiday special. Proposed Solution: Celebrate in Small Meaningful Ways Some of you might be tempted to just not even celebrate the holidays. You are planning to just work, work work. My suggested solution? Celebrate in small ways. Christmas does not have to be extravagant. Hey, Jesus was born in a manger, it can’t be simpler than that! Maybe you don’t believe in the Christ of Christmas but you used to join the holiday celebration when times were good financially, but now it’s not. I encourage you to not give up on the joy of celebrating the holidays. Do some random act of kindness (like visiting a friend in the hospital or spending time with a grieving friend) during this season and feel good about it.

2. Holiday Problem #2 – You’ve spent so much to the holidays fun but you placed them all on credit cards. Big bills coming in January – yikes! Possible Solution? Join a sweepstakes and pray you’d win!  It’s too late for me to warn you to stick with the holiday budget. I can’t do much about that. All I can say is make a budget for next year and stick with it. But hey, I know of a sweepstakes that has a price of $50,000. This is not joke and it’s legit. You don’t have to buy a ticket, all you have to do is download an app. The app is legit – it’s an app to help you search properties on Maui. Why do I know about this? Because I work for the company who is sponsoring this. Go to Home Sweet Maui blog and find out how to join. I wish that one of you will win this $50K cash!

3. Holiday Problems #3: Too Tired After the Holidays. Proposed Solution: Plan ahead, schedule a couple of days off after holidays.
Holidays are fun but also tiring. We all know this. So, make sure that you have some “rest time” scheduled after the holidays. You don’t have to go anywhere, you can just do a couple days of staycation to recharge. The important thing is that you must put it on your calendar. Now I have news for you (ok, I think you already know what this is if you’ve read my previous post) – there is a chance for you to win a 2 night stay at Travaasa Austin. Go to this #HolidayProblems page at Travaasa Website for details, or go to Travaasa Facebook Page, fill out this form and enter to win!  I hope one of you win!- let me know if you win and I’d be so stoked for you!

Cure #HolidayProblems With An Escape to Travaasa Austin

4. Holiday Problem #4 – Feeling depressed and disappointed. You feel that there’s so much commercialism on holiday celebrations and you’re sick of it. Proposed solution: do the reverse. Don’t join the commercialism and do something good instead. Give to charity during this season. Haiyan victims in the Philippines are still needing help. Maybe you’ve done that already – you’ve donated money for the poor but you still want to make a difference. How about supporting a project that aims to make a difference on earth – like Wrappily?

5. Holiday Problem #5: Neglecting to exercise. Proposed Solutions: Do it with your family or friends. Then there’s accountability. My daughter and I recently started attending Yoga together and it’s so good for both of us. We get to exercise as well as spend time with each other. We plan to continue it after the holidays.

6. Holiday Problem #6: Feeling alone. Missing Family. Proposed Solution – Celebrate with your surrogate Ohana. Celebrate with Friends.  Some of us live far away from our family and relatives and we can’t afford the plane tickets to fly over.  Best thing to do is to celebrate with friends. Are you on Maui and you don’t have any place to go to this Christmas and no one to celebrate it with? I have good news for you! Hope Chapel is hosting a Christmas Gathering on Christmas Day!  There will be lots of food and fun. It’ will be almost like a Christmas Luau. Almost :) .  What is a Christmas Luau?  Watch this:

Well, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. I guess I better end this post and get some sleep. :) – A hui hou!


Disclosure: I truly love vacationing at  Travaasa Hana. I have “retreated” there twice before and always look forward to going back. When I was offered a chance for a complimentary stay there in exchange for my participation in their #HolidayProblems campaign, I immediately said yes! This post is part of my participation. My thoughts + opinions on Travaasa are 100% my own and no additional compensation will be received.

Please share this post.  If you have questions or comments, let me know by posting it on the comment section below. Thank you very much for your support.

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