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Running, Walking and Watching Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset Kihei  1

The other day my daughter  asked me why I have not been running lately. I told her that I couldn’t find time.  Morning run I can do on the weekend but it’s hard to do it on work days.  “How about after work?”  she asked.  I told her when I come home  after work, I cook dinner for our family, then we eat as a family, and by the time we are done cleaning up it is already dark and I didn’t want to walk/run in the dark.  She said “Since I do not have work tonight, I volunteer to cook dinner for our family so you can run.” Appreciative and grateful, I accepted my daughter’s loving offer. And so that late afternoon I walked/ran.  And what a great treat that was.  Not only did I get my exercise but I got to a beautiful sunset up close that day/night.  I used to watch the sunset from our lanai and kitchen window as I was cooking, but that day I was able to see it from the beach!

Maui Sunset Kihei  2

First I walked down Keonekai Road.  As I was walking and running I can see that the sun is about to set and I had a feeling it is going to be an awesome one.  Well. almost all Maui Sunsets are awesome in my opinion but there are days when it is extra ordinary, when the sky turns into a beautiful hue of green, orange, pink and purple on an afterglow. I had a feeling that was going to be the case that day. And my feeling was right.

At the end of Keonekai Road, I crossed the street and went to Kamaole Beach III to take some photos of the Maui Sunset ….

Maui Sunset Kihei   3

Aside from watching the sunset, I love love watching people watch sunset.  There’s something magical about it. It’s an de-stresser in my opinion.

Maui Sunset Kihei   4

I already took several shots of people watching Maui Sunset but I had to take another one when I saw this couple.  Isn’t this sweet?

Maui Sunset Kihei   5

As I was watching the sunset I remembered  that my goal that day (and my agreement with my daughter) is to run and walk and get exercise. I proceeded to walk back to the sidewalk.  As I was walking back  I took more photos of people watching sunset at Kam III.

Maui Sunset Kihei   7

And there are more.  At the time I was taking this photos many people were still coming in. At first I thought the poor people coming in late missed a beautiful sunset but I was wrong ….

Maui Sunset Kihei   6

As I was walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street across from Kamaole Beach III Park, I can see that a new twist is going on the Maui Sunset …

Maui Sunset Kihei   9

I tried to concentrate on walking and running. As I passed by Hale Kamaole entrance I was mesmerized by the beautiful bougainvillas that I once again took photos of it. One of our Real Estate Team at Wailea Realty has many listings in that Hale Kamaole neighborhood I thought I can use this photo later for work.

Maui Sunset Kihei   8

As I continue to walk I continue to see the beautiful Maui Sunset from the other side of the road.  When I looked and saw the scence above I knew I had to go back to he beach and get more Maui Sunset pics. I run towards the Mana Kai parking lot to try to capture the actual setting of the sun. Oh I had to run fast, really fast!

Maui Sunset Kihei   12

Upon entering the parking lot, this is what I saw….

Maui Sunset Kihei   13

And as I get closer,  this is what I saw. Oh what a beautiful sight!

Maui Sunset Kihei   16


Maui Sunset Kihei  14


Maui Sunset Kihei  17

On both sides from where I am I can see people … lots of people watching the beautiful Maui Sunset.  We are so blessed to be able to see this marvelous event….

Maui Sunset Kihei  18

And after the sun had set, I run again. I run back to home feeling grateful, feeling “healthy”, feeling appreciative of everything I’ve got.


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For The Love of Maui 5K Fun Run 2015

For The Love of Maui 5K

In my post yesterday I mentioned that I am going to run the “For The Love Of Maui 5K Fun Run“. Well, I am embarrassed to say that I  got distracted at home, went to the race late, and therefore was able to participate in the run.  My husband said that the reason I was late was that I was facebooking too much. ha!  My excuse was I was doing house chores and didn’t notice the time.  Anyway, it could be subliminal – I knew I am not in a good shape to run a 5K and so I was probably unconsciously allowing myself to be late.  Not intentional, but subconsciously ;)

The event was very successful. I stayed to take photos.  Participants came from all over the state, and from all ages!  I will be posting some photos here but there are more on Wailea Realty Facebook Page (I know, my husband is probably right that I Facebook too much! :) )

Mahalo to the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and participants of “For The Love of Maui 5K Fun Run”. I love that it benefits the “Hospice Maui” and the “Youth Programs of the Valley Isle Road Runners”.  Truly, this is a fun run for a great cause. I am planning to run next year (no kidding, I really am :) ) – Who wants to run with me?

Here are some random photos, but like what I said – to see more, go to Wailea Realty Facebook Page.  I uploaded 200 plus photos in there.

For The Love of Maui - Aninsleys Angles 2

For The Love of Maui 5K -

For the Love of Maui 5K - 1

For The Love of Maui 5K - 2

For The Love of Maui 5k - Ainsley's Angels

For The Love of Maui Holding Hand

For The Love of Maui

For The Love of Maui

South Maluaka Beach

If I have more time I will be adding captions to the photos and will be writing a lot more about this great event. But for now I really have to run (pun intented). Yep, got to get out there and run so next year I will be ready for this 5K :)

Have a wonderful day! Aloha!

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WordPress Camp, Whale Day, Valentines Day, Maui Brewing Company, and Other Stuff That Went On This Weekend


This is a long weekend. How is your weekend going so far? Today is Sunday, tomorrow being Presidents Day is a holiday, and I am stoked to have an extra day of “no work”! So here’s how my weekend went so far and what I plan to do on the rest of it …


I took some time off from work in the morning to attend WordCamp Maui. I am so glad I did. Aside from learning from the speakers, the highlight of this event is just seeing and spending some time with friends. I have not been around many of our social media gatherings lately and so I kinda felt out of the loop – this WordCamp Maui event kind brought me back in the loop.

It was very nice to see Jon of Maui Information, Nancy Newman, Dania of Hawaiian Edible, Tania of Maui Shop Girl, and many more … It was also great hanging out with Jen of Island Gypsy Hawaii and Bridget of Bridget Loves Maui most of the time I was there – we had so much fun! Kudos to the organizers of WordCamp Maui, it was truly a well run event. I hope they make this an annual event, I look forward to the next one.

When I came home, hubby dear too me out to a nice pre-Valentine dinner at Thailand Cuisine. Yum yum! We were both so full when we came out of that restaurant. When you come visit Maui and for some reason you had a craving for Thai Food – go to Thailand Cuisine at Kukui Mall.


Saturday is Whale Day. Unfortunately it was also a rainy day on Maui. I initially planned to going to see the parade and going to check out the event in the morning but didn’t get a chance. I cooked breakfast for my family, drove and picked up my daughter to an appointment she had, and by then I went to the 2nd day or WordCamp to catch a couple of sessions I didn’t want to miss. Once again it was great hanging out with Jen and Bridget, great to see many friends, and learned a lot from the sessions. We posted lots of pics on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

My husband and I planned to go out for Happy Hour and Dinner at Monkeypod but when we arrived there, the place was packed. There was no room for us so we decided to drive to Maui Brewing Company in Kihei. That placed was packed too but we were able to squeeze in. We sat next to a couple from Canada here on a Honeymoon. After a nice chat with them and several glasses of Bikini Blond for Bard and Root Beer for me – we decided to order Evil Prince from Thai Cuisine. Yep, Thai food two nights in a row – yum!

I almost forgot to mention that hubby got me a nice bouquet of Tropical Flowers for Valentines Day. I absolutely love it. And of course I absolutely love my husband too :)

My kids (teens) have their own gigs on V-day. Our son hanged out with his buddies. They just played computer games, talked stories and then went to a movie. We are thankful that my son hangs out with this nice groups of teens – you know how important that is to have good friends in teen years. My daughter was invited to a Military Ball that night – yep that was her “Valentine Date” and the ball was held at that nice ballroom at Kamehameha Golf Club. Our daughter has a nice group of friends she hangs out with. We couldn’t be more thankful. Thankful for great friends our kids have.


Today, Sunday, is a rest day. However, later in the afternoon I will be running on the “For The Love of Maui” 5k Fun Run. I am so NOT ready! I am afraid I’d be the last one to finish the course but whatever … I am doing it for Hospice Maui and also for my health.


Not sure yet what I am going to do on Monday but I’d make sure it is something fun, and then I’d share :)



Usually I would be adding more photos and linking up too. But for today I just will post this as is. I also usually will proof read before I hit the publish button, but now I won’t.  I am just easing my way back to blogging here … I woke up so early this morning, and now I am ready to go back to bed and sleep some more, just because it is Sunday and it is a day of rest :)  Have a nice Sunday everyone!


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Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club Lounge and Ululani’s Shave Ice Grand Opening in Maui Lani

Hawaiian Airlines and Ululani Shave Ice

And just as I thought I will be slowing down on posting here at A Maui Blog, things start happening that made me want to post. Funny how that happens :)

Yesterday I attended the Blessing and Re-opening of the Hawaiian Airlines Kahului Premier Club Lounge. I had a wonderful time.  I will blog more about it on Wailea Realty’s Maui Blog and will link it up here later.  For now I wanted to give you a link to the Premier Club information. Visit to learn how you can join Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club and relax before your next flight out of OGG.

Today I am going to the Blessing and  Grand Opening of the Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice’s Maui Lani location! And Maui Manapua will open there too! The opening celebration with the public is today, Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 10:30am to 3:30pm. Go there and have the best Shave Ice and Tasty Manapuas on Maui!

Ululani's Grand Opening Maui Lani



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