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Archive | August, 2012

Leilani’s on the Beach – One of our all time favorite places to eat! Family Fun Night on Da Hubby’s Bday

  Sometimes it’s fun and exciting to try new restaurants to taste and see what they have to offer.  Other times you just want to go back to one of your favorite restaurants, the tried, tested and approved, because there is assurance that you know you are going to enjoy what you ordered.  That’s exactly what […]

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Meet Jon of Jon’s Maui Info

Nowadays, what is the first thing you do when you want more information about a particular person, place or thing? Google it, right?  Ok, maybe you do not use the Google search engine in particular. Maybe you use Bing, or Yahoo, or Alta Vista (Ha!  Does Alta Vista still exist? That was my favorite search […]

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So Many Events So Little Time – Maui Events on August 4, 2012 Weekend

This weekend Maui is packed with many fun local events I wish I have the time to go to each of them.  Since I can’t I thought I’d do a quick run down of what’s happening. I originally intended to upload this “weekend events” post last Thursday but you know… it didn’t happen.  Before I […]

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