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Archive | November, 2009

Ulupalakua Ranch Sparkles

I am getting ready to have a grand time at the Ulupakua Sparkles on December 6, so I thought of sharing these photos with you. I know… This is supposed to be Wordless.  For talk story, CLICK HERE. ****** They sure look like WEEKLY WINNERS to me.  For more fabulous photos (I mean really really marvelous […]

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Thanksgiving and Hello

Hello A Maui Blog. It’s me, Liza, you blogger. I know… I had been slacking. No new excuse. It’s the usual “very busy” lame excuse. I know… I still am passionate about blogging. In fact, I started another blog at Posterous. It’s the easiest blogging platform there is. Will tell you more about it later. […]

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