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Archive | January, 2009

First Maui Tweet Up Photo

Thank you Jordan for the photo. About the tweet-up to follow … A Maui Blog is in some form of inertia right now. There are still many little details to do, I need to put force into this. Elle is doing a great job helping me, I just need to “learn faster” than I am […]

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Welcome to the “new” home of A Maui Blog. Over the next few days all the posts will return and a fancy new layout will appear. Stay tuned.

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First Maui Tweet-Up

I am very excited about our first Maui Tweet-up! We’ve been twitting about doing a Maui tweet-up for some time now (because we always see how fun those Oahu twitters are having on their tweet-ups) but it was mostly just talk because none of us really was organizing to make it happen (oh, Mauians are […]

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Waikapu Gardens

It seems just yesterday when Jesse Spencer announced that he is buying a parcel of an agricultural land in Waikapu to fulfill the need for affordable homes on Maui. I still remember that day, when without notifying us (the office staff), Jesse informed Maui News of his vision, and they published it headline! That day, […]

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President Barack Obama

These photos are from It has always been hard for me to talk about politics. I don’t know why. It could be the fact that I grew up in the “martial law era” (Marcos’ regime in the Philippines) and was trained not to speak against the government or I’d go to jail. It could […]

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